Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bad, Bad Idea

On the face of it this is positive but...

A House bill heard in committee last week to standardize gun safety education in Kansas schools would draw in large part from a program organized by the National Rifle Association.

The measure, HB 2460, would base firearm education programs in elementary and middle schools on the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe initiative. The sponsor of the legislation, state Rep. John Whitmer, R-Wichita, says the NRA’s program, which teaches kids who encounter a firearm not to touch it, leave the area and tell an adult, sends a good message.

“It’s a great program, out Eddie Eagle bill,” said Whitmer shortly after the proposal’s first hearing in the Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

Once you make "gun safety" the part of a required curriculum, you almost immediately lose control of that curriculum.

Teachers are mostly left wing.  I know what I speak of here believe me.  Sure Eddie Eagle and his "Stop. Don't touch" will be part of the program but I guarantee you, it's going to be expanded to "Stop.  Don't touch...Ever!"

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