Thursday, January 18, 2018

Where Did the Cuckservatives Come From?

I was briefly looking at Jeff Flake's latest anti-Trump screed that was made to an almost entirely empty senate chamber.  Sad, sad business.

Because he wasn't always that way.  Oh yes, he is now a card carrying Cuck and has already lost his Senate seat in consequence.  A few of his more delusional friends are trying to convince him, he's presidential timber.  Which is not just sad but is utterly ridiculous.  It's pretty rare for a Senator to go straight from the Senate to the White House.  In the past one hundred years only three men have done it.  And no failed senator has ever managed it, which Jeff Flake most certainly is.

But as I said, he wasn't always this way.  Yet, he was seduced by Cuckservatism.  The question is why?  What attraction does it have?

That one is actually quite easy to answer. Status.

Salesmanship 101; almost all human motivation is driven by a desire to raise their own status.

The biggest mistake the Right makes is when it tries to prove it's position with logic, facts and reason.  Those things are mighty fine indeed and have never persuaded anyone of anything.  Status trumps reason every time.

For most of human history if you were a person of status then you had done something important.  Really important. Literally important.  Actually life and death important.  Kings had status.  Popes had status. Military Commanders had status. Down the list you might find doctors but certainly no lawyers.  Learned men held minor status.  Actors...did not.  Even the best known were pretty much at the bottom of the list.

Then around 1920 that all changed.  Actors acquired fame as what was basically just a marketing stunt by the infant film industry.  The thing is fame and status had always gone hand in hand up to that point.  Consequently, when someone became famous just for being a pretty face the status went along for the ride.  People would be "honored to meet," Charlie Chaplin for instance.  But what was he? A talented vaudeville comic, sure, but he had never done anything actually important in his life to merit the status he held.

The Left didn't need to argue with logic it acquired the new means of doling out status.

(B)asically seizing the commanding heights of culture-making institutions and then deciding that espousing some political claims (being pro-gay-marriage) increase social status and that espousing other political claims (being against gay marriage) decrease social status and, indeed, make one a social pariah, fit for ostracism, mass mockery, and internal exile.

The left's method works much better than the right's. It always has and it always will. Because most people don't care about politics all that much -- but nearly everyone (except for the crankiest of contrarians, including some of the current assembled company) cares about their social status.

Having higher social status gets you invites to the Cocktail Party Circuit, which is a real thing, defined broadly (and metaphorically) enough. It makes you datable, it makes you "clubbable," as the old term went.

It can get you promoted at work, particularly if the sort of job you do is a bit vague as far as definite, tangible outputs and thus advancement depends more on how upper management feelsabout you.

While the left wing continues winning arguments by not even having arguments at all, instead simply demonizing those who espouse any contrary position, the #SmartSet (citation required) of the establishment right continues believing, apparently earnestly and definitely ridiculously, that if they just out argue their political competitors, they'll change minds.

And here is where the Cuckservatives come from. You see the Left would select the least harmful of them and declare them the voice of the legitimate right or #TrueCons as they tragically call themselves today.

They would be invited in, given a few scraps and few head pats and would be allowed to stay on the floor near the fire while the rest of their pack starved in the cold becoming lean, strong and hungry.  

To keep that status they had to mouth Leftist platitudes and adopt Leftist positions.  We weren't for Gay Marriage but now that it's here we should make the best of it. 

When Trump degrades these repulsive institutions in the most humiliating terms possible he is kicking the ladder that put the #TrueCon Cucks where they are today while they are still standing on it. 

In attacking the press Trump is attacking the very foundation of a Cuckservative's status.


Lovekraft said...

This is nearing the end of the age of r-selected preference, where appearing on television with a new suit and haircut, and spouting the same platitudes will engender fame and power. Flake is a perfect example of this.

What's troubling is how this is structurally enabled in so many layers and branches of social power, where these meek of spirit can do so much damage.

LBD said...

Dark Herald, next time you decide to publish an image as disturbing as the two quad amputee women in the last post, PLEASE give a warning so we can choose NOT to see it. I felt violated, it was so nauseating, and now I am trying to figure out a way to unsee it. How do I get it out of my memory?

L. Beau said...

If you need a trigger warning, why hang out with us right-wing nuts?

Desdichado said...

Minor nitpick, although it doesn't change your point at all—prior to the Hollywood era, Lord Byron was one of the first people who's only accomplishment was being "famous for being famous." Oscar Wilde courted notoriety to get the same thing. It's never been something that happened en masse until Hollywood pulled that on us, but there was always a level of ambient noise where people had status without accomplishment.

I don't think it's so much the fact that Hollywood pulled a fast one on us so much as it is that in an r-selected environment, that kind of thing naturally starts to happen, and the more r-selected the environment, the more tolerant it is of high status individuals that are merely famous for being famous. So to speak.

Johnny said...

"tolerant it is of high status individuals that are merely famous for being famous. So to speak."

Well it is not so to speak for some people. For them it is literally true. We often have what I will call the national whore. The woman makes herself conspicuously available for sex in public, while by assumption being sexually active in private. Some time ago our national whore was Marilyn Monroe. What's her name Gabore made a shot at it along with May West. Paris Hilton more recently. I don't give the press enough attention to be sure of the current version. A Kardashian I suppose.

LBD said...

@L.Beau: I am the most right wing person I know, which isn’t easy where I live. I don’t think being impervious to Images of weird cruelty is anything to be proud of. Visual imagery has power over the subconscious (one picture is worth a thousand words). At my age I have seen a lot of things, but this was particularly nauseating and it haunted me. Once seen, never forgotten.

Perhaps because of my age and my unfamiliarity with Manga I read a post I shouldn’t have. If I were more familiar with the genre I might have known to skip it. A lot of material I know is not meant for me, so I don’t go there, but sometimes I step into an unfamiliar “world” to learn something about popular culture. Since I don’t have young kids anymore, I do that from time to time.

Not everything is meant for everyone. I just wish I had known ahead of time it wasn’t meant for me. I fully support others’ right to produce and publish such things, but I want to navigate around it.