Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Sets Another Record

According to Rottentomatoes.com The Last Jedi has now (as I predicted) dropped below the fifty percent line for audience approval. Less than  half of  all the Star Wars fans who have seen this Star Wars movie like it.  Although ninety percent of critics sill like (or claim to like) it.

We have reached a point where the critics simply can't be trusted at all because they see themselves as "artists in uniform..." Or to be more exact, "failed artists in uniform."  Critics will reliably circle the wagons to protect their more successful comrades.

But why take my word for it.  I'll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi; Critics score: 90%  Audience score: 49%

Star Trek: Discovery; Critics score: 82%  Audience score: 56%

And now lets do a little compare and contrast. 

Bright; Critics score: 27%  Audience score: 87%

The Orville; Critics score: 20%  Audience score: 93%

One of the biggest tells in the convergence of a business is a sudden desire to get rid of all of your old unwoke customers in exchange for those of the childless weirdo  purple haired Tumblrina class.  We've seen that in Target.  We've seen that in Penzey's Spices.  We've sure as fuck seen that in Marvel.  And now we've seen in Star Trek and Star Wars.

The critical scores are simply another reflection of this phenomena.  The scores are a baffling mystery to the guys at Redlettermedia but then again they are progressives although not SJWs.  If thought different too bad, they bring out their lefty bonafides in this one.  Although that doesn't last too long.  Regardless this video is a useful comparison and contrast between two the titles listed above: Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville. 

Fair warning, this one is HEAVY on the nerd content.


Johnny said...

A couple things come to mind that are not usually brought up.

Great special effects are now so common that they are not enough to assure financial success for big budget films. The latest Blade Runner version had great special effects but an uninspired story and is doing maybe ok in the box office, but no real winner.

The Disney people paid a huge amount of money for the Star Wars franchise. Naturally the financial people want a return and they are probably pushing too hard in terms of the number of releases. Loss of novelty is okay in a TV show but doesn't earn big bucks in the theater.

There is a rumor around that young people are turning conservative. I doubt that is it exactly. Most likely they are pushing the SJW stuff so hard that some of them are sick of it. Conservative is the other available option at the moment. Anyway Hank or whoever sees the movie and reports back to his buddies that it sucked and there is no general enthusiasm in the group to go to see it. And nobody goes twice.

And hey, you don't get a lot of money showing contempt for the audience, as apparently this dog does.

Mann McManahan said...

It'll be interesting to see what happens to the audience score after The Last Jedi comes out on DVD and Netflix in about 6 months. Chances are that casual watchers who missed it in theaters will like it less than the SJWs and die-hard fans.