Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Deep State Gate

The FBI decided of it's own volition to destroy a duly elected president of the United States of America.

The pattern of attack was pretty clear early on. Rumors of an investigation of White House people is leaked to the press.   FBI official initiates meeting with White House official to say that the rumors are utter bullshit.  White House official sighs and says, "good to hear.  Could you tell those jack-wagons that?" Indicating CNN.

"Um, I'll have to check, you know how it is with with stuff," FBI official would reply with an embarrassed Washington shrug.

"Fine do what you can.  It's appreciated, we are up to our eyes here," says the White House official.

The next thing the White House Official knows, there is a leak coming out of the FBI claiming that the White House Official in question is pressuring the FBI to say there is no investigation.  There is then an intimation that there is indeed an investigation.

This happened with McCabe and Reince Priebus and with Comey and President Trump himself.  The end result was Sessions stupidly recusing himself, which cleared the decks for Rod Rosenstein to appoint Mueller as Special Counsel.

The FBI admits the Left’s electoral collusion conspiracy theory is unsubstantiated but still refuses to distance itself from the discredited Russia propaganda dossier Democrats paid Fusion GPS to create to undermine President Trump’s candidacy. And congressional Democrats, long sympathetic to Russia, have suddenly been transformed into strong defenders of the nation’s national security apparatus, implying that criticism of the long-troubled FBI is somehow treasonous or unpatriotic. It is a vicious smear calculated to redirect Americans’ attention, but par for the course for the Left.

Why anyone is even surprised at FBI corruption is unclear. Although the nation’s premier investigative agency is top-heavy with fine, ethical men and women, the FBI was born in corruption. Its founding director, J. Edgar Hoover, kept blackmail material on the powerful so he could stay in power for 50 years. The FBI needs a good housecleaning at the top.

It was a month ago that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly refused to criticize the dossier at a closed-door hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chaired by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.).

McCabe was relieved of his leadership post earlier yesterday and is reportedly still on the FBI’s payroll for now. He had planned to retire in the spring in order to qualify for full retirement benefits but FBI Director Christopher Wray reportedly hinted in an internal agency email that McCabe was pushed out because an upcoming government watchdog report was highly critical of his conduct on the job.

Many more resignations are expected at the FBI, which President Obama weaponized and used against his enemies during his time in office.

Majority Republicans say they want to release the memo to clear the air in the current toxic political environment and reveal the extent of what appears to be an Obama-era FBI plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing as the nation’s secretary of state and frame Trump for allegedly working with Russia to unfairly influence the 2016 election. Despite the loud public bellyaching of left-wingers, there is no evidence Trump or his campaign are guilty of such collusion, which, even if it happened, wouldn’t necessarily violate existing laws.

The FBI enjoyed the autocratus it had as an institution because it enjoyed trust across a broad political spectrum.

A lot of that came from the quality of men it recruited. It's no accident that FBI headquarters stands on ground it rents from Marine Corps Base Quantico.

Now the FBI seems to prefer men that graduated as JDs straight from law school with no military experience.  And JDs are tend to be very Leftwing.  Eric Holder could smell one his own and promoted them regularly.

The end result is now that we asking ourselves if it's time to disband the FBI and divide it's functions between Homeland and the Marshall Service.


tublecane said...

J. Edgar Hoover was the FBI's founding director, but that's a mere technicality.

For like 30 years before Hoover's directorship it was known simply as the Bureau of Investigation. Same agency, ever-so slightly different name.

tublecane said...
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