Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ran into something sort of interesting.  A list of TV shows that were cancelled in 2017.

What was interesting to me wasn't the programs themselves but the fact that in this huge list of shows I only saw about ten percent of them.  More surprising to me, I hadn't even heard of about thirty percent of them.

Hollywood has finally lost it's control of popculture. 


Johnny said...

I am not against self indulgence which is what TV is when it is not being preachy, it is just that I have become so much of a cultural outlier that I find most shows more irritating than entertaining. The two shows I have seen are Bones and House of Cards, and found both modestly entertaining. Otherwise the one picture that would have caused me to tune in is Black Sails, mainly because I am a sucker for costume dramas. Hence I have enjoyed cowboy movies, pirate stuff, and some sword and sorcery. Otherwise looking at the pictures I see the young and the pretentious mugging for the camera. They do sometimes get good actors, but good scripts in TV land are rare.

Jew613 said...

This is off topic, but Cataline have you seen the Netflix will Smith movie Bright? I'm not saying the scriptwriter reads your blog and stole ideas from Song of Grod....but take a look. I enjoyed it but I enjoy Will Smith & buddy cop films.

Cataline Sergius said...


I'll give Bright a look tomorrow.