Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Importance of Rejection

Dealing with rejection is an important part of the process. It's one of the hardest things to get used to.

My best considered advice is, don't make it easier on yourself. Forget about the clubs and go with daytime approaches. Yes, it's a lot more scarey and yes, you are going get shot down a lot more because you are scared. .

The girls are going to subliminally pick up on the fact that you are nervous talking to them and reject you for it. It's basically a passive initial shit test. Are you able to calmly and confidently able to approach me? Ah... this appears to be a no. Thank you, for your passing, if creepy interest, goodbye

Do it. It's necessary. Think of it in terms of a martial artist who builds up some very impressive callouses on his hands, by hitting a Wing Chun wooden dummy.

Don't bring your wing man along for this. This long road has to be walked all alone.

A couple of things to remind yourself of before starting. Guys are only afraid of rejection. Girls are afraid of kidnap, rape and murder. You as a guy are only worried about being in a hairy situation once every few weeks.

Girls are in fear for their lives several times a day. No, honestly they are. It's the actual reason they travel in herds and why they go to potty in teams. Bad news, they are right to be scared. The average adult woman is only about as strong as the average fourteen year old male. And women know it. (*)

Before approaching a woman remind yourself what she's afraid of from a stranger. It's why confidence is so important. A confident man is a man with options. A confident man can take her or leave her. A confident man is not so eaten by his own desires that he is a threat to her. Or at least that will be her perception.

Don't be afraid to punch above your weight class because you have nothing to loose. And frankly 9s get hit on less than 7s, you have a better chance than you think...(maybe).

Remind yourself that no woman on Earth woke up this morning, thinking, "God, I hope no man finds me attractive today. I really don't want anyone will find me desirable at all."

If you get rejected, try not to take it personally. Okay, you will. This is about as personal a rejection as there is. Here are few crutches to help you deal with it.

1. Watch Cary Grant movies and try to figure out how he would deal with it because that shit still works miracles.

2. There were several possible factors in play here. She might have been in a foul mood. She might be in a relationship and is serious about it. Or most painful of all, she really wasn't attracted to you at all.

3. Remind yourself, every, no, gets you closer to, yes.

Be ready to say, "okay." Turn and walk away. And sooner rather than later as you are walking away you are going to hear, "hey, wait a minute..."

. (*Possible exception being SJW Feminists who are consciously rejecting this objective reality. This results at least in part, for their well known cognitive dissonance. So for fuck's sake never hit on SJWs. That's just common sense.*)


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First time someone ever makes a valid case for begging women for their acceptance. Well done.