Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Slick Willie Suddenly Unpersoned

Comrade Clinton has suddenly found himself being charged with  crimes by the same people who were covering up those crimes for twenty fucking years.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.  Sorry assholes but you have long since made yourselves accomplices to anything and everything he ever did.

From Ace:

Suppose I borrow your riding lawnmower.

Then I keep it for three months.

Then you ask for the riding lawnmower back, and I say: "I already returned your riding lawnmower. You must have have forgotten, and then lost it."

You say you have no memory of that. I say, "Well, I just told you, you must have forgotten. There you go, forgetting again! Boy, you forget a lot. You should take some pills or something."

You point out the riding lawnmower in my garage, and I say "Oh yeah, well I liked yours, and so I bought the exact same model." You point out that the riding lawnmower in my garage is not new, but used, and that it has the same dents and scratches that yours does, and I say, "I just explained those dents and scratches two minutes ago." You say that I never "explained" that, as the subject just came up, and I say, "Sure I did. We talked about this five minutes ago. You must have forgotten. There you go forgetting everything again, Mr. Forgetty-Head!"

I insist that this is my lawnmower, and that you must have misplaced your own large semi-vehicle after I returned it. Because of all the Forgetting you do (which you're not even aware of, because you forgot you forget so much).

Afterwards, you see me every Sunday riding your lawnmower, mowing my lawn, sipping a tall cold glass of lemonade as I do. I even wink at you as I turn towards your house.

Now, 20 years later, "my" riding lawnmower breaks down and cannot be repaired. It's taking up precious space in my garage and would cost me money to throw it out because, I don't know, we're in California, and they charge a tax to dispose of dangerous polymers in the lawnmower's starter cord. There's like a $150 Dangerous Polymer Disposal tax.

Now I come to you and say, "Hey, I just remembered -- this is your riding lawnmower. I must have had a big brainfart when I claimed I returned yours and bought my own. Oh boy, boy is my face red. What a boner. So, here you go, here's this now worthless piece of crap back. Please get it out of my garage and pay the state the tax for riding lawnmower disposal."

Pretty much exactly what the Democrats are doing with Clinton...

Bill Clinton has two problems right now.  Sure he was an adequate ex-president but they have a much better one now with a lot less baggage.   His second problem is the one he has always had...his wife.

Hillary has just launched a new PAC called Onward Together.  The title of this PAC as well as her recent statements and tweets all but declare that she is running again in 2020.

I was half expecting it.  Given her personality she will keep trying until she is either dead or legally disqualified from holding public office.  It is not possible for Hillary Clinton to abandon the dream of becoming president (again in her own name this time).  It is just how she is hard wired.  She can't do business any other way.

The Democrats for their part have had enough.  In truth they had had enough on election night a year ago.  Although a number of them said, it was all so, so said that the first woman who was supposed to become president was not going to become president after all.  But this was by no means a sincere sentiment, it was simply another excuse for tears.

A more honest assessment of Hillary was voiced on TYT when Ben Mankiewicz jokingly said, "when we beat Trump four years from now with... I don't know who? Maybe Hillary can run again.  It's. Her. Turn."  The set erupted in loud bitter, sarcastic laughter at the very idea.

The Democrats don't know who can beat Trump but there is no doubt at all in their minds who would lose to him.

Sad news for us of course but there was no way we were going to get that lucky.

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