Sunday, September 24, 2017

Marvel Comics Death Spiral

"...and I'm like, Captain Marvel I'll have you know.  
Like,the REAL Captain Marvel.  
I'm like, totally the Queen of Space and shit!"

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Cataline's completely arbitrary list of SJW Invasive Destructiveness.

SJW Fortified: Organizations that were built with resisting SJW entryism as one their deck planks.  SJWs will try anyway because they are parasites and parasites must feed.

Example: Castalia House

SJW Resistant:  Organizations whose internal culture is resistant to entryism by it's nature.  Any place where everyone has to start at the bottom and work like hell just to get a foot in the door.  Lower level corporate culture provides considerable protection.

(*Surprise*) Example: Disney Parks, "Yeah I know it's 94 degrees and you are wearing a forty pound bear suit.  NOW DANCE MORE SPRITELY YOU FAGGOT!"  Entryism in these cases are the result of top down pressure, when it can be managed at all.

SJW Neutral: Organizations that are under the impression that  they can stay open minded even with a few SJWs on payroll.  Entryism and eventual Convergence are guaranteed.

Example: the 2010 version of

SJW Compliant:  Organizations that bow to external SJW pressure despite the damage this causes.

Example: Target.

SJW Friendly: Organizations that invite SJW guidance and follow SJW politics but are still (temporarily) functional.

Example: Google.

SJW Converged: The target organization of Entryism has been killed and the SJWs are now "parading around in it's skin.  Demanding respect."

Example: Take your pick.

Now Converged is as low as Vox Day has gone so far but I have a level beneath Converged.

SJW Cancerous:  Organization is so diseased it is destroying everything it touches.  One that is so converged it is completely dysfunctional and is only still surviving due to it's ability to parasitize a host.

Example: Marvel Comics.

There isn't a single title that Marvel is now publishing that wouldn't have been canceled fifteen years ago due to low sales numbers.  It is without question a complete money loser. Marvel Comics however is owned by Disney which is SJW Friendly as an organization, so it really doesn't care what Marvel does so long as Bob Iger is disinclined to fix it.

This indulgence by Disney is creating a situation where Marvel is literally destroying it's own industry.   No, really. Marvel is using it's marketing muscle to put the Comic Book Guys out of business.

First and foremost, Marvel really is beyond Converged, which is why I felt the need for a new definition, (see the above).  There is nobody left at Marvel Comics who loves Marvel Comics. The Milk Shake Grrls and Purse Puppy Hires have completely taken over and they hate Marvel.  Too White. Too Male.  Too Heroic.  And perhaps worst of all, too human.

Marvel under Stan Lee created a different approach to comics from DC.  The secret identity came first.  The superheroes weren't just a random collection of powers. There was a story behind each hero.  Peter Parker was a poor teenager with money troubles.  Steve Rogers was a man cut off from his own time trying to make his way in an alien world.  Bruce Banner was a scientist under a Jekyll and Hyde curse.  At Marvel the backstory always came first.

These solid characters created a bedrock foundation.  From the Silver Age on, Marvel's fans developed a life long affection and affinity for the men behind the masks.  It wasn't Stan Lee who created Marvel, it was the hero whose story that you got to know.  The hero's conflict was as likely as not going to be internal rather than external.  He was often struggling with his own identity.  His problems were understandable and sympathetic to the average comic book nerd.

These characters were what built Marvel.

Guess what the SJWs threw out the second they had a chance?

The writers and editors that seized control, turned the Marvel superhero into a living, breathing parody of SJWism.  The protagonists that the SJWs "created" really are just parading around in skins of past heroes, demanding respect.

The multilayered backstories have all been thrown out in favor of a deformed Social Justice burlesque theater.  The Marvel world of today would have been an absurd one-off comedy issue twenty years ago.

Lets take a look at a few of them.

Captain Marvel was the original masthead for the entire line of comics. Mar-Vell was a Kree Imperial officer sent to Earth to gather intelligence for an upcoming invasion by the empire.  During his extended reconnaissance Mar-Vell came to love the people of Earth and betrayed the Kree Empire in order to protect us. This is a good backstory.  Flagging sales and a looooong standing copyright problem with DC eventually lead to the Death of Captain Marvel.

There were several replacements after that, some female, some male.

The current Captain Marvel is the former Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), whose back story was she had an accident and gained superpowers from that.  This is dull, lifeless and just a bit entitled.  Naturally the SJWs made her the new masthead for Marvel Comics.

And then began transing her back into a man.

Seriously, does this look like a woman to you?

In case you were wondering about Ms. Marvel, she is now a Muslim lesbian who is written by Purse Puppy Hire and #FakeMuslim, Sana Amanat.  Ms. Marvel fights racist pre-crime before it happens with deformed giant hands.  I am not kidding about any of that.

Not a parody.
This is from an actual comic book.

Thor is currently the best known example of SJW tone deaf hubris as he was replaced with a woman who is very definitely the god Thor and not some make shift goddess.  Marvel wants you to know about that in no uncertain terms.

Yep.  Totes Thor!
I'm sold!

Spiderman has been a half-black, half Puerto Rican for a while.

She-Hulk is now The-Hulk and has done no superheroing for eight issues.  Seriously, Jennifer Walters has just sat around in SJW Tumblr funk for eight fucking issues.  I was however shocked to discover she wasn't a lesbian...yet.

Oh wait there is also another Hulk. Amadeus Cho (again I'm not kidding here) who is a super genius teenager and loves being the Hulk... Which defeats the whole point of being the Hulk.

By comparison Captain America suddenly being a black guy would be pretty mild, if it wasn't for the fact that Real Captain America is now a Nazi.

... and follow me on Gab!

There is so much bad coming out of Marvel it's actually  hard to point at one thing and say, "that is worst thing they have ever done." Because Marvel is always topping itself.

This volcano of comics incompetence can be laid at the feet of the editors.  They are all SJWs and none of them are fat guys who live in their mom's basements. If you want to write comics, you need to love comics and these people fucking hate comics.  Today's Marvel will only hire on the basis of SJW activist scribbling.  The writer bios are amazing in that, none of them have a background in comics.

Gabby Rivera is a Latina lesbian who did queer beat poetry. Her job is turn every female superheroine at Marvel into a Latina lesbian.

Kelly Thompson is an SJW Purse-Puppy Hire, who got recruited into the industry because she was a reasonably successful YA grrrl's writer with a couple of books under her belt.  She never touched a comic book until two years ago.

Magdalene Visaggio was hired because he's a trans.  That's it. Visaggio brings nothing else to the table.

Sana Amanat, as I said is a Manhattan Muslim chick without a headscarf.  I have doubts to both her chastity and aversion to bacon.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is easily the dullest writer they have recruited on to their staff.

Coates is a career black racist and truthfully I don't really care about that. The hypocrisy of encouraging black racists, while condemning white ones is annoying but I've had decades to get used to it. He is what he is. Fine. Some men like to be beaten by women dressed in tight leather, others like to berated by black guys dressed in dashikis screaming beat poetry at them. Whatever floats your boat.  If SJWs want to give him a shit load of money to bellow at them, cool.

But he couldn't even deliver on that.

Marvel gave Coates all of their black superheroes and a new title, Black Panther and the Crew.

Picture if you will, a submissive male shivering in anticipation and  excitement  when his dominatrix enters the room and selects her whip.  This was how much the SJW ethno-masochists at Marvel were looking forward to Coates' version of Black Panther.  Now imagine the sub's disappointment when his dominatrix takes a seat, lights up a cigarette and starts bitching about her rent.

That was what the SJWs got from Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Sure he turned, Storm and Luke Cage into racists but the only thing they did for the entire TWO issue run of Black Panther and the Crew was make "cracker jokes" and whine about the hipster gentrification of Harlem.  That was it.  I'm not really joking either.  That was pretty much all that happened.

The title was canceled after two issues.  Then Coates remembered how to scream at White People.  Black Panther and the Crew was immediately uncancelled.  Coates dropped the gentrification of Harlem storyline in favor of a thing about African lesbian space queens who always do everything right.  However, it would be hard to tell if Black Panther himself was even a supporting character in this title if his name wasn't on the cover because Coates does almost nothing with him.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is clearly bored by and disengaged with his title character of Black Panther.

This is typical of today's Marvel writer.  They can't write superhero stories because they don't like things that are heroic and amazing.  The only thing they want to do with their titles is virtue signal.

Every new supporting character in the Marvelverse is either a POC, a lesbian or a Trans. And I mean every single one.  You can't find a second fiddle who is normal at this point. The villain (when they can remember to provide one) is always a bullying cis-white male.

So quick review, the stories are hot garbage, the artwork is a bunch of traced photos and the women look like men.

Who are these new Marvel Comics for?

The traditional audience...

...isn't interested in them.  The sales numbers prove that.  So who are they for?

The answer is that the Marvel SJWs want a new audience.  One consisting entirely of  hyper obese, cat obsessed, purple haired Tumblrinas.  Not one of whom is going to fork over four bucks for a new comic book.

Marvel's business plan; Comics books created by people who hate them for an audience that won't read them.

Question: Since they don't work for the government or a university how the hell is Marvel still in business?

Answer: By putting someone else out of business.

Namely the Comic Book Guys.  This is the cancerous part.  Marvel is using it's marketing muscle to force comic book shops to buy their crap.  The shops don't have a much of a choice.  There are no big chains of comic book stores.  There are no corporate heavy hitters to do the negotiating for them. These guys are all small and independent. They have no muscle at the table.

And these small fry, have to try to sell Marvel's new books (no matter how bad they are)  just to keep the lights on.  They can't survive on only two of the big three.  DC and IDW are okay for the moment, more SJW Friendly than Converged.  They still produce mostly decent stories but it's not enough to keep the comic book shops going.

Stores that survived the Eighties Bubble and the Nineties Crash are finally going under and it's Marvel Comics that is doing it to them.  They aren't like bookstores, there is no such thing as a remaindered comic book.  If it doesn't sell, the Comic Book Guy can either throw it in the dollar bin or throw it in the dumpster.  Either way it's a loss for him.  Today's business plan for these poor bastards is to spend their days praying that a "gold dust book" will walk in the door, owned by a rube who doesn't know that Action Comics #1 goes for three million.

As I said at the start of this post, the sales numbers speak for themselves.  Marvel doesn't have a single title running today that wouldn't have been canceled for shitty sales fifteen years ago.

And once those shops are out of business that is it for the entire comic book industry. The general store turnstile rack can't support the  modern american comics industry.  Once it gets bad enough, Barnes and Noble won't bother at all if they can't remainder.  And as I said, DC and IDW can't carry the load by themselves, so you can just forget about the indies saving the day.

Harlan Ellison once wrote that there are "five native American art forms that we've given to the world: Jazz, of course. Musical comedy as we know it today. The detective story as crafted by Poe. The banjo. And comic books."

One of only five, truly and uniquely American art forms may soon be gone.

And the SJWs at Marvel are entirely responsible.

Again support Diversity and Comics.  He's doing good work.

UPDATE: Apparently Monday the 25th is National Comic Book Day.  I honestly didn't know that.


exfarmkid said...

I still got a large old marvel collection from the mid-70s to 1990. Quit buying comics around 1990 - too little money, too many kids, and even less time. Used to eagerly await the next issue of spiderman, captain america, etal to show up in the mail. Good memories.

So you believe Marvel is being used to drive independents out of business. That makes sense and would certainly explain a lot. But that kind of implies reasonable levels of competence from SJWs, does it not? What if the death of independents is just a "happy" accident in the scheme of things?

Nate Winchester said...

exfarmkid - But that kind of implies reasonable levels of competence from SJWs, does it not? What if the death of independents is just a "happy" accident in the scheme of things?

Here's the source:

Jew613 said...

Something I've noticed is how dull and ugly the artwork has become. When I was younger you could see the joy the artists took in what they were making and there is none of that now.

Cataline Sergius said...


I didn't get a chance to cover that in the post.

But yeah the artwork is cheap and lazy now. A lot of it is literally traced photographs.

Cataline Sergius said...


What if the death of independents is just a "happy" accident in the scheme of things?

I didn't mean to imply that they were actually following a plan.

They are just demanding that comics shops carry their garbage. They refuse to acknowledge that they are destroying the market. SJWs can never foresee the consequences of their actions no matter how obvious they are.

((( bob kek mando ))) - ( i'm sorry you raped Andrea Dworkin and i disavow your Patriarchal Cisheteronormative Bourgeois Consciousness in shame ) said...

The general store turnstile rack can't support the modern american comics industry.

hell no, not at $4 an issue they can't.

even if you assume that junior doesn't have his nose buried in his phone / tablet getting free web content, they've priced themselves completely out of the children's / adolescent market.

how much of an allowance are parents supposed to give their children, that they should be able to maintain a +10 issue / month habit? you're getting into weed money with prices that high.

wahsatchmo said...

This is the first time I've seen anyone reference 2010 Cracked, which I think was soon after the Pointless Waste of Time forums were merged in. It was a fun place then, but you are absolutely right that it fell into SJW nonsense shortly thereafter. Libertarians (even little 'l' libertarians) were regarded as more insane than Active Scientologists.

Mr. Bee said...

A couple of years ago, a furry webcomic called "Two Kinds" pulled down over $250,000 off a kick starter to print his TPB and it's still going strong. There's no reason with the right advertising and talent a set of mainstream comic artists/writers couldn't grab a starving comic fanbase to do likewise and at considerably less money for the fans. The collection angle could be addressed by periodically publishing TPBs of successful series.

Sillon Bono said...

The comic book shops should go manga.

That is where the good stuff is these days, check "Death Note" for example.

Cataline Sergius said...

@Sillon Bono

They've tried.

Sadly they face two problems. Nobody selling and nobody buying.

Licensing and publishing Manga in the US has always been a bit tricky. Translation and "Flipping" aren't as easy as you'd think. The AAA titles will sell buy nobody wants to take a risk on the B-team. Not for a monthly. Which leaves the comic shops with only about fifteen Manga titles a month which won't keep the lights on.

Then there are comic shop customers. Which are still mostly Boomers and Gen-Xers. Millennials will read Manga but they tend to go with either smartphone friendly formats or bound editions that they can get more cheaply at Amazon.

Like I said, the comics shops would love to get into Manga. They just can't.

Lovekraft said...

Came here from VoxPopoli, blog of VoxDay, publisher of soon-been dto-be-released "Alt-Hero" line of comics.

You're all welcome there.

Long-time comics reader. I've hung out with Dave Sim, for what that's worth.

I remember in my mid-teens going to the local store picking up Wolverine limited series #1 off the shelf for, IIRC, $.75. Secret Wars, Marvel Team-Up etc etc.
Byrne/Claremont X-Men are like babies to me LOL. The older guys there were pimply and greasy but never hassled me. And my instincts told me which ones you keep away from. Too 'dandy.' I called comic books 'Eye Candy.' with the lines, composition, inking, shading. Visually-stunning.

Then we got Image and the 'cool' creators: Lee, McFarlane and uberhack Liefeld. This bubble crashed in the 90s and has never recovered. You have no idea how much I wanted to smack that backwards-turned hat off Liefeld's head. "Produce good work and make sure it's on time, and affordable." But no.

Then Marvel went tits up, slowly crawled back out with shady investments and Marvel Studios became the money-printing machine it is today (but for how long?). I think this bankruptcy did some major psychological damage to the core creative philosophy around Marvel. Perhaps the bean counters turned the real artists away (let's face it, I don't blame them if they did), and somehow the LGBT/Feminism 3.0 brigade and proceeded to fling their sh!t everywhere they could. Seriously. Lesbian Latinas writing for straight, white males?

At first it seemed like a joke, but after several years, it's become a horror story.

freddie_mac said...

Stores that survived the Eighties Bubble and the Nineties Crash are finally going under and it's Marvel Comics that is doing it to them.

There's two types of comic shops: the fans who want to sell comics, and the businessmen who like comics. Most of the former were shaken out by earlier bubbles, and the ones going now are the businessmen. My own LCS (Zanadu Comics; Seattle, WA) is closing up in January after 42 years. The ones that survive this period will be the "comics and" shops, with comics involving smaller amounts of retail space. They might not end up with a dusty spin rack or two, but comics will certainly be the junior partner.

Cataline Sergius said...


I am indeed sorry for your troubles.

I will offer prayers for your splice and for the hope that you do well in the endeavours that are ahead of you.

Dire Badger said...

Castalia house's comics may just keep the art form alive.