Saturday, September 2, 2017

The End of Marvel?


Marvel is in drastically worse shape than I had previously suspected.  It is in fact killing the comic book shops.  

How it's doing that is by strong arming them into buying garbage titles that aren't moving by linking those shipments to the few titles they have left that still make money.

You have to remember comics aren't like books.  A failed book can be remaindered. The bookstore tears off the cover and sends that back to the publisher for a partial refund.  The rest of the book they just throw away.  Comic book stores on the other hand are stuck with them.  After a certain amount of time, if it doesn't sell they just take it off the wall and put it in the dollar bin or just pitch it entirely.

Here is a video about just how badly Marvel is doing.


Interesting rumor flying about.

Mickey the Great and Terrible is strongly considering ending Marvel as a publisher of comic books.

Hard to believe but it may be true.

The problem is the SJWfest that the comics side of the Marvel house has been treating itself to has left Disney out on a limb.  Marvel Comics recast every hero as an "at risk person" and swept the original characters off the board.

It has been a sales catastrophe.  One so bad that the SJW in chief at Marvel Comics even briefly admitted to it... Before backtracking and saying he never said anything of the kind.

The MCU movies are a Brobdingnagian money volcano of unearthly proportions and the comics are... Well they weren't profitable to begin with but now they are actively brand damaging the Golden Marvel Mountain.  The brand damage is the real problem here.  Disney actually helped Sony with the Spiderman franchise because they felt that Sony's screwups were hurting the brand.  Disney spent millions to prop up another company's character to protect their own IP.  If there is one thing Disney knows how to do better than anyone else it is taking care of a brand.

So why not order Marvel Comics to reverse course?  Why not have Thor go back to being a dude and Spiderman go back to be Peter Parker?

Because Disney, while not quite being totally SJW converged... You'll note Mickey is not as yet giving lectures on White Privilege and the cartoon characters genders remain binary normal.  Disney is very, VERY SJW sensitive.

Ordering the comics division to moonwalk the past year away would be a major problem for the House of Mouse.

SJWs who never even considered reading the damn things would be in a hyper rage if Captain America went back to being a White Guy from Brooklyn.  The writers would all twitter-bitch and one or two who were going to get fired anyway would put Disney on blast.  Thereby securing their status as Heroes of the Left and thus ensuring future employment.  You will never work again in publishing if you were fired for being a loser but you will always get more work if you claim you were fired because you went too far to the Left.

The SJW shitfest would be very problematic for Disney and they can't really gauge how strong it would be because you never really know how violently SJWs react will react to something.  Again, damaging the Movie Money Volcano.

But regretfully shutting down an unprofitable subsidiary, (indeed, shedding great tears of sadness at the cold, cruelty of market necessity)  is another story altogether. The sales are so bad right now there is no real argument to be made for continuing publication. The market is shrinking as it consists entirely of middle-aged Gen-Xers and aging Boomers.  If it's not on a smartphone, Millennials don't read it.  "Comic books are a dying business and everyone knows it."

 And it's a nice catch-22 for  SJW hivemind.  If the SJWs put this one on the top of the skyline, then they will be forced to admit that scoring Diversity Points is a profits killer.  Their instinct will be to nod sadly and sweep it all under the rug.

Now comics, despite having been a money loser for decades do perform one vital service for their corporate overlords.  They keep trademarks alive.   However, there is a quick and easy way around that. Outsource it to a third-party company that produces a digital version of the comics in question.  If they stray off mission and into politics, fire them and start all over with someone new.  Not being regular employees, fear will keep them in line.

As I said, it's only a rumor but given the panicked tone there may be something to it.


Ingot9455 said...

Of course the good, funny, quality non-Marvel comic books like 'Knights Of The Dinner Table' are doing fine.

((( bob kek mando ))) - ( You are Welcome ... to go back to the hell hole you came from ) said...

web comics have production costs that are multiple orders of magnitude smaller than printing and distributing a physical comic book.

even a crappy book probably has to have a minimum print run of ~10,000 copies. and between the Diamond distribution monopoly and printing costs the producer is making way less than a dollar per copy sold.

which has to be split how many ways?

letterer ( is that still a thing? )
editing staff

so you have to pay five people, give or take, out of every issue. and with many titles netting ~$5k per month ... that's not going to go very far.

exfarmkid said...

Are there recordings anywhere of Stan Lee expressing any recent thoughts?

Goldeneye said...

There is precedent for this. DC was almost licensed to Marvel in 1984, but they had to back out due to an antitrust suit from First Comics.

Cataline Sergius said...



No comments at all but then I wouldn't expect there to be.

As I said, it's a rumor at this point and clearly no decision has been made.

Stan Lee is old school. He wouldn't shoot off his mouth over gossip. He's one of the last members of Greatest Generation. Those guys prided themselves on being loyal "company men."

Jew613 said...

If Disney/Marvel were being smart they could view the comics as loss leaders that create a new generation of fans to purchase profitable products like toys, clothes and movies tickets. They should be focused on a new generation of fans rather then SJW pandering. What made comics gun for boys is still there. But Marvel would have to embrace the principles of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko to get people reading again.