Friday, August 11, 2017

Communist Friday Continues: Cataline Recommends...

The subject, in broad strokes is Cold War Romania and we have a twofer!

The first is Chuck Norris Vs Communism.

This is a documentary that chronicles the late cold war phenomena of black market western video tapes in Ceausescu's Romania.  I have no idea at all as to the political persuasion of the producers of this show.  It won a shitload of awards at Sundance so I have to assume, Lefty.  However it is a testament to the power of human free will, under even the most brutal of oppression.

Chuck Norris Vs Communism is currently available on Netflix.

Cataline's favorite line, "We started to want to be... Heroes."


An interesting and enjoyable flip side.  Amazon Video's; Comrade Detective.

This one appears to have been a kind of passion project for Channing Tatum.

Now let me get this out here at the start.  Never play, "Who is the Secret Hollywood Rightwinger?"  I guarantee you that it will always end in tears. I have repeatedly thought that various Hollywood celebrities were Secret Rightwingers only to find out that they absolutely weren't.  The only thing they wanted was to not offend 45% of the viewing audience.  Yeah that makes them smart but it doesn't make them one us.

Unless Channing Tatum declares himself otherwise, it should be assumed that he is on the Left.  If you are reading this Channing, it is nothing against you personally and I am not asking you cut your throat in public on the off miracle that you are secretly one of us... Which you most likely aren't.

I just don't want my heart broken again.

Anyway here's the trailer:

In case you didn't guess, this is a satire.  The premise of which is that Comrade Detective was a propaganda TV show produced for Ceausescu's Romania in 1983.

(*It should be mentioned in passing that due to collapsing economic conditions broadcast television in Romania had been cut down to 2 hours a day by 1983.  So there is no way that they could havew produced this show... Just say'in you know.*)

It stars actual (if unknown) Romanian actors dubbed over by (pretty well known) Western actors.

The funny part is that this show's storyline is actually pretty well plotted. It's a buddy-cop show.  Tough guy, thug with a heart of gold is teamed up with Brainy guy, family man who can hold his own in a street fight.

They are thrown together by circumstance and detest each other at first but then win each other over.

My favorite part the whole show is a secret Roman Catholic Service presented as a terrifying Santeria Black Mass, with Daniel Craig as the Priest.

The story came first and that is the foremost thing I ask of any form of fiction.

If you are going to watch them both then start with Chuck Norris Vs Communism.  It sets the stage nicely.

Setting the stage for what? You ask.

For the world that is facing us.

State sponsored censorship in the name of Safe Spaces is a serious possibility.  The Right's designated leadership is all but catatonic.  We all know that Republican politicians are only useful to the Left.  We would be fools to count on them but... Good news there we have figured it out.  You can only be betrayed enough times before detecting a pattern.

If we aren't on our toes Ceausescu's Romania is the world we are going to be living in.

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