Friday, August 4, 2017

Bipartisan: When Stupid Joins Forces with Evil

We appear to have a coup underway in Washington.

Now a coup d'etat is usually very fast, secret and efficient but this is a Washington coup, so slow, obvious and bumbling is the order of the day.

It's possible that the ring leaders have convinced themselves that they are brilliant and energetic because a coup usually starts by seizing control of the media.  The ring leaders only had to start talking about how they had to get rid of Trump and whoa! Mission accomplished!  We have complete control of the media! We must be geniuses!  This is gonna be easy!

The Democrats and NeverTrumpers in the Senate are now moving to shore up their cat's paw Mueller. The Special Counsel has already illegally moved off of his assigned area of investigation because there was nothing there in the first place.  The AG will do nothing about this because he is weak and can't be fired right now because too many heads of been piling up and it's making things cluttered around the White House.  Also there are people who need to fired more urgently than Sessions.  McMasters leaps to mind, there is little doubt in my mind that he is the one responsible for most of the leaks.  Certainly he hasn't thought twice about firing Trump loyalist and keeping Obama appointees safe and protected under his crooked wing.

The Senate as a whole will like the idea of protecting Mueller but it won't pass the House by veto proof margins.  This one will be up to Trump and he can easily kill it on constitutional grounds, the Legislative usurping the powers of the Executive.

In other Bipatisan news, McCain's brain is getting more rotten by the minute.  Having shot down Healthcare Reform out of personal spite and petty malice the failed presidential candidate is trying to revive the Gang of Eight Amnesty.  Apparently he secured Schumer's support for something that he had every intention of doing anyway when he betrayed the GOP Voters that elected him to fight Obamacare. His faculties are so diminished at this point he honestly thinks this will fly.  The rest of the Red State Senators (the ones who aren't going to be dead before the next election, so they are a little worried about things like getting reelected are unlikely to strap on the satchel bombs and charge the bunker on McCain's behalf. I don't think even Rubio will touch this a second time.

The problem with  a coup, particularly one where you have ZERO support from the military, is that it is entirely dependent on inertia to keep going.  It doesn't take a lot to derail it.  And takes a lot to get it going again.

The Democrats are crying into their hash pipes this morning because their governor count has just been reduced from 16 to 15.  They now control the least number of governorships and legislatures in their parties entire history.

No wonder Democrats have turned to the Deep State for salvation.  And it's not going to work.


exfarmkid said...

"No wonder Democrats have turned to the Deep State for salvation. And it's not going to work."

Most likely not. It is a very stupid thing they are doing. The extent of the damage is yet to be known and it's still piling up.

You'd think Barack Obama would remember he lives in a glass house (like all ex-presidents) and shut the hell up to enjoy his retirement. You'd think Hillary Clinton would get a clue and do the same. If we start arresting previous Presidents and candidates, that will be very bad for what is left of the republic. These blithering idiots might force it to come to that. Damn them.

Cataline Sergius said...

Sorry Spooner.

You're not allowed to post here either.

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Cataline Sergius said...


The last comment was in no way directed at you.