Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Un-Original Sin

SJWism is of course it's own religion, devoid of any mention of God but there is the concept of Original Sin.

In this case White Racism.  The parallels are rather stark when you look at them.  

If you are born White, you are born in state of Racism (sin). There is nothing you can do about that.  You will always be a Racist (sinner) because we live in a fallen world of Racism (sin), ruled by the Prince of the World (Donald Trump).

Now there are things you can do to ameliorate your condition.  First look into your past and find one non-White ancestor. (*Okay this one is not a great parallel with the doctrine of Original Sin and I admit that.  That's a thing.*)  

Confess your Racism (sin) frequently.  

Perform penitence for your Racism (sin). Donating great big wads of cash to the SPLC is a great way to do that according to SPLC. 

If you are rich White try destroying your business in the name of SJWism and send yourself to the poor house. This is like buying an Indulgence. And the best part is that you won't go to the poor house because another SJW is bound to give you a job at twice what you were paying yourself.

Call someone else a Racist (sinner), that will be a big help.  Be sure to do that a lot.

If you are White Male.  Decree your very existence constantly. 

Lastly never have children.  This ensures that there will be less Whites in the world.  Or to be more exact less Whites like you and I honestly think we can both agree that that is a very good thing.

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