Thursday, July 20, 2017

Saint Godfrey Pray for Us

Godfrey was dancing on a tightrope in a high wind for so long I had come to the conclusion that either was a very skilled dancer indeed, almost but not quite infuriating Twitter's SJW Mental Hygiene Committee enough to warrant a death sentence.  Or else they had never heard of him.

Apparently they had heard of him.  This death sentence came down so fast you know damn good an well he was waaaay up on their target list.

I think what tripped him up was cultural.  He used the word "cunt" when accurately describing a British news reader (I love the term "news reader" BTW). 

The thing is "cunt" is kind of a PG vulgarity in Britain.  Not that big a deal.

While here in America it's a very big deal.  It's X-rated and triggers the fuck out of female SJWs (as well as male SJW who may as well be female).

Godfrey on the off chance you are reading this, if you want to slip below the radar with American censors next time use the word, "fanny".

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kennymac said...

Pretty funny, I have no doubt at least one idea will be in the actual film. I could've done without the fat, bald dude's annoying fake laughs though.