Monday, July 3, 2017

Fourth of July News: The Weapons Czech Edition

I am beginning to think more and more about getting a summer home in Prague.

The Czech Republic is enacting legislation to give themselves a constitutional right to keep and bear arms

The legislation: “…passed with 139 deputies agreeing to the amendment to the constitution with only nine deputies voting against. The amendment will now be considered by the Czech Senate where it will require a supermajority of three-fifths of the members in order to pass into law. Similar to the U.S. Second Amendment to the Constitution, which gives Americans the right to keep and bear arms, the Czech legislation reads: “Citizens of the Czech Republic have the right to acquire, retain and bear arms and ammunition.”

As the majority of other members of the European Union continue in their death spiral in part by enacting more and more draconian measures to prevent citizens from being able to defend themselves from the increasing number of terrorists EU leaders are importing into their countries, the Czech Republic is asserting its sovereign nation status and refusing to allow that its citizens be disarmed at a time “when the security situation is constantly worsening.”


The subjugation of a proud and independent people, trapped behind the Iron Curtain by the Communist tyrants of the Soviet Union for almost half a century, left an indelible mark on each Czech citizen, and will no doubt do so for many years to come. Each Czech knows full well what it is like to be taken over and ruled by a totalitarian regime, and each Czech is clearly not going to let this happen to his or her country and its citizens again.

This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the Czech Republic “has one of the largest rates of firearm ownership in the EU with an estimated 300,000 gun owners who own around 800,000 individual firearms.” In addition, 240,000 of the 300,000 gun owners have concealed carry permits, and it has been decreed that self-defense is a recognized reason for firearm ownership.

No denying it the Czechs know how to build a good gun.

And their gun commercials are metal as fuck!

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