Monday, June 5, 2017

The Power of the Climate Memory Hole

Sen. Rand Paul debates CNN host Jake Tapper on the issue of climate change, and the president's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

Paul argued that scientists have been predicting disaster for decades, while Tapper disagreed, claiming about the predictions: "all of it has happened."

"You need to make sure that your viewers know that most of [climate scientists’] models has been wrong," Paul said. "They adjust it every year because they haven’t been good at predicting things."

"But obviously scientists have been predicting for years that the temperatures would go up, that glaciers would shrink, that sea ice would disappear, that oceans would rise, that the sea level would rise and there would be longer and more intense heat waves and all of that has happened, Senator," Tapper argued. "All of it has happened."

All of it has happened?

All of it has happened!

This is such a catastrophic break with objective and measurable reality that I literally have no place to start.

Okay, yes I do.  1986.  That is, if my memory of events serves, when AGW first went viral.  The reason it went viral was simple enough.  While the basic hyphothesis had been kicking around since the 1970s, it hadn't really gone anywhere.

But in 1986 the country was in the middle of a three years drought and it was a pretty nasty one.  Farmers were hurting and worse yet, LAWNS WERE DYING. It was the worst drought we had had since the Great Depression.  Nothing went Dust Bowl because all of  the illiterate farmers went out of business in the Thirties.  But that didn't change the fact this was bad.

Everyone was asking, what is causing this?  Actual climate scientists said, "look solar activity is at it's cyclical peak, if solar activity holds to previous patterns the sun should calm down again in a year or two and it will all be over.  It's out of the hands of Man."

"It's out of the hands of Man," was a completely unacceptable answer to the atheistic, narcissistic and masochistic Left wing Babyboomers as well as those Gen-Xers who wished with all their heart and soul that they could be Babyboomers too.*

AGW was based on childishly simple hypotheses invented by a professor whose Phd was in a completely unrelated field. It was just a mathematics model using lower registry math and a Dunning-Kruger level of expertise on the subject of ozone production and depletion. It was a bad supposition and it shouldn't have gone anywhere.  (*sigh*) See the above paragraph.

The ground work for Climate Mongering had been laid the previous decade when a basic understanding of the New Ice Age was completely and totally fucked up by poetry slam intellectuals.** And they convinced themselves that the glaciers were coming for them RIGHT NOW!!!

Anyway, grant money sharks smelled blood in the water and and cherry picked what little data was available to claim that ACCORDING TO ALL SCIENTIFIC DATA GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL.

This unadjusted data did indeed support a catastrophic warming trend in raw numbers.

Well that is it! Screamed the Left, Mother Earth is going to throw us off as a failed self-destructive species.  We must have massive government intervention to save Gaia today!  It's science!

Well it's bad science.

The initial data set is hopelessly corrupted.  Weather stations that recorded long term temperature patterns were almost all located in Europe and North America.  That is hardly a global sample.  Worse still these recordings were began at the end of a period known as the Little Ice Age.  A hundred seventy years ago, the Hudson River would reliably freeze solidly enough for an entire army to cross it.  There was famously and disastrously a Year Without a Summer.  Winters were so cold that no one slept alone if they could possibly help it.

On top of a ridiculously low baseline, The number of measurement stations located in urban centers was too high. And cities are notably hotter than farms.  They got hotter still when they were all covered with asphalt.  This is the famous Urban Heat Island Effect.

When confronted with the fact that their data was corrupted the newly created Climate Change Scientist Activists, breezily waved it all away stating, "they were aware of the problem and had adjusted the data accordingly and their theory was still solid."

When asked the reasonable question, "what is the difference between adjusted data and made-up bullshit?"

The priests of the Climate Change religion sniffed derisively and said, "it's a science thing. You wouldn't understand."

To which came the reply, "I understand bullshit when I hear it."

On the off chance that one of their acolytes would get wind of this have their faith waiver they would be told not to worry.  The computer models back it all up. Of course they did.

So here we are today.  AGW is a religion masquerading as science.  One complete with a liturgy, high and holy days of worship, Indulgences sold and a corrupt priesthood given to Tartuffetastic levels of hypocrisy.

There is now however a tone of urgency that has never really been there before.  Part of it is social media and it's magnifying effect.  But another part of it is dissociation.  The time line for our projected global warming disasters is getting pretty tight.  If controls aren't put in place soon it will be obvious that they were never needed in the first place.

But if they are put in place then the eco-freaks can claim that those controls are what saved the Earth.

If Donald Trump remains president until 2024, the game will be up for them.  The SJWs are very good at denying reality but even they are going to have to concede by 2025 that if they are standing in the middle of Times Square they have a greater chance of being run-over than they do of drowning.

*Another subject for another time. It suffices to say you would amazed at the number of people who claim to have vivid memories of being at Woodstock and would have been two or three in 1969.  

**Bottomline.  If you look at the long term climate record and by that I mean the history of planet Earth, we haven't actually left the last Ice Age yet.


Jew613 said...

The giveaway for me that the enviro stuff was all a big lie actually came from school. I went to Jewish schools which didn't have much money so they bought the used textbooks from the public schools. Which I guess were getting new books every year and the day schools used those books until they fell apart. The books we were using were from the early to mid eighties and it was now the early to mid nineties. In these books the tree huggers had made multiple and specific predictions about the disasters that man made enviro destruction would cause. Shortages of basic materials such as copper, the complete destruction of the rain forest, water being so polluted fish from the ocean would be inedible and the biggest of them all glaciers would melt flooding many coastal cities. Well the dates for these disasters had come and gone and nothing. With the exception of the flooding that was supposed to happen by the year 2000.

Cataline Sergius said...


Trying finding those predictions through Google.

I was going to put together a top ten list of failed predictions that I know I have heard but alas are nowhere to be found unless I am willing to do a lot of scanning from hard copy.

Which I am not.

After all there is no point in trying to argue with these people using facts. Particularity when those facts involve their own lies.

Jew613 said...

I wasn't able to find the primary sources for the failed enviros predictions but I was able to find articles talking about the failures

((( bob kek mando ))) - ( Give us this day our daily bait, that we may crush our enemies, see their weaksauce driven before us and hear the lamentations of their women, thank you Baby Jesus, Amen ) said...

It suffices to say you would amazed at the number of people who claim to have vivid memories of being at Woodstock and would have been two or three in 1969.

i have amazingly vivid memories of not remembering Woodstock ( which obviously means i was stoned ) ... i was born in 67.