Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Phony War Stage is Coming to a Close

The Second American Civil War is heating up.  And more rapidly than I was expecting.  We are moving quickly from Bleeding Kansas to to the Caning of Charles Sumner.

Although I will grant that yesterday's attempted assassination of the House Majority Whip probably doesn't qualify.  The congressional minority has not expressed it's approval of the action.  Indicating they aren't ready to step off the plank just yet.

Although there was plenty of approval to be found on Twitter.  And I guarantee not a single account was suspended for it.

The American Left has normalized low level political violence.  They not very good at it yet but they have normalized it.  In NYC you can watch a Shakespearean assassination scene featuring the president.  Kathy Griffin was actually surprised by the amount of push back she got for holding up a bloody beheaded likeness of Donald Trump's noggin on camera.

Now, Kathy Griffin lost her job and more horrifying for showbiz Lefties, Orange Julius Caesar lost it's corporate sponsor. That really shocked the showbiz types.

So subdued was the theater world as the news about Delta spread that Sunday night’s Tony awards turned out to be almost completely Trump-free. The evening was notably short on impassioned pleas, i.e., shrill grandstanding. What jokes were directed at Trump were few and mostly mild and there were even a couple of moments of (arguably) pro-Trump humor. The host, Kevin Spacey, mentioned the longtime voice of CNN, James Earl Jones, who received an honorary award, as “the most trusted name in fake news,” then later did a bit in character as Bill Clinton in which he mocked Hillary Clinton’s e-mail debacle. When Stephen Colbert appeared late in the show, to bestow the award for best musical revival, he awkwardly tried to segue into a contrived bit about Trump’s supposedly being a revival act, was rewarded with groans when he made a lame joke about the beauty pageant in Miss Saigon being the only one “whose dressing room our president has not walked in on,” and shot back, peevishly, “A lot of Trump fans here tonight!” You know your anti-Trump shtick is failing when a room consisting of 5,000 liberal Democrats doesn’t bite.

Be advised, the link is to National Review.  

I think things are going to build for a while yet.  You probably have between two to eight years to make your preparations for the coming the storm.

Remember the Deep State doesn't really want a Civil War.  It just wants to be completely in charge again.

The problem is that the Deep State can't really imagine a world where they aren't the rider of two horses at once.  They've already been bucked off by one of their mounts and their brilliant plan to regain the saddle will end with them losing their second horse.

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