Friday, June 2, 2017

That's Depressing

While I'm grousing about Alien Covenant.  I found out about something truly sad regarding that benighted franchise.

A might have been project tentatively called Alien 5.

It was to be written by James Cameron and directed by Ridley Scott.  Supposedly it would have moonwalked all of the crap from Alien 3 and...AND somehow resurrected Hudson and Vazquez.

This was back in 2003.  The project was greenlit and everything was rolling along...until it suddenly wasn't.

This projected, that would have had any fan of the franchise screaming, "take my money now!" was scrapped because of the success of...don't retch now. Freddy vs Jason.

Which is how we ended up with the astoundingly bad Alien Vs Predator.

And to make matters worse the studio was absolutely right from a financial perspective.  The depressing part is that AVP made more money world wide than any of the other Alien movies.

At least until Prometheus.

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