Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stupid People Shouldn't Go To College

That used to be so obvious that it didn't need to be mentioned.

Now it's too late to mention it.  The rocks have avalanched their way into the university system.

When I was trapped in that Ninth Circle of Hell called Marine Corps Recruiting Command, I was occasionally stuck proctoring a high school ASVAB test.  Naturally the kids wanted to know how they did.  Few things were sadder than having to tell one of them   "Sorry, son.  You failed the test.  You can't enlist."

Although it was even sadder when that kid would say, "that's alright I planning to go to college anyway."

The ASVAB is basically a high school sophomore level general knowledge exam.  Fail it and you really have no business graduating high school let alone attending college.  Yet these guys who were too dumb to "hump a pack" in the Marine Corps went on to enter college.

Universities are institutions and institutions usually do what they have to in order to survive.  That's not a problem when that institution maintains a symbiotic relationship with  it's society.  There is no doubt at this point that the relationship between American universities and American society has turned deeply parasitic.

Just look at how stupid the students in that video are.  Thirty years ago those morons couldn't have gotten in.  They've memorized a few phrases like  "Cis-normative" and that makes them think they are smart in the face of all available evidence.

Admitting stupid students is nothing new of course.  When I was in college. Two thirds of the Ivy League's student body was born admitted to their family's university, even if they were challenged by successfully tying their own shoes.

At the state college level it was football players.  Bubba Smith famously presented his professor with a sheet of paper with typed answers to the written essay final he'd just been given.

Both of those were big sources of income for the institution in question so awkward questions regarding qualification went unasked.


In the 1970s and 80s, Universities were reeling from a body blow.  The draft had ended and suddenly a shit ton of young men no longer felt they had a need for a college education.  The colleges started a massive (and sadly successful) campaign to convince the kids of working families that they were too good for manual labor.

This is a top ten lie

The results of this were temporarily kept within the bounds of sanity by freshmen attrition.  During that time barely one third of a freshmen class would complete a college degree. Freshmen classes would start off in gigantic numbers but by Christmas 45% were gone.  Working class families weren't gong to pay for an education that was yielding a 1.9 GPA.

As for student loans, you couldn't get them.  At that time in order to qualify you had to either be  authentically, desperately poor or able to prove that you had lived on your own for four years.

Bill Clinton did a shit load of damage to America when he was president but in terms of long term disaster nothing he did was worse than getting rid of these restrictions.

Once anyone could qualify for a student loan, the colleges started creating programs especially for illiterate students. These usually had the name "studies" in them.

The rest you know.

Now this professor describes himself as a deep progressive, therefore so as far as I'm concerned the sooner his students devour him the better.  He is a big part of the problem.

What really offended his sensibilities was that his students showed him the end of the road he had been leading them down all along.


Jew613 said...

The protestors seemed more mentally ill then stupid. But stupid was a close second.

In 1950 only 6.8% of Americans went to college. It was a training ground for the elite. Most people even professionals such as lawyers and architects learned by apprenticeship.

As soon as the colleges learned how much money they could make by allowing anyone with a pulse in America was in trouble. If you give an 18 year old the choice of working hard and being told what to do as an appentice or live off his parents for 4 years studying whatever he wants with lots of partying and girls of loose morals around of course he'll choose college.

Maybe his majesty will be successful in reviving the old apprenticeship system and reversing decades of damage that everyone going to college has wrought

Cataline Sergius said...

The set up for our current disaster came in the form of the U.S. Military's decision to only allow college graduates to become officers.

That had only been a demi-rule before. A high IQ could get you a commission regardless of your education status but not after that.

The immediate problem created was by the number of existing officers who didn't have a degree and now needed one in order to stay competitive. The draft did the rest.

Duke Norfolk said...

Interesting comment about the professor. These "progressive" morons who've spent the last 50 yrs setting this all in motion and now are agog at what has resulted (brings to mind The Sorcerer's Apprentice) are despicable. Indeed he should go down in a mob of his own creation. The whole damned thing needs to burn.

I haven't spent any time paying attention to this latest campus idiocy. I had thought about listening to Joe Rogan's interview of Weinstein, but I really don't think I'll bother. After all, he's employed by this college which seems to be the epitome of the joke that higher ed has become.

Wormwood said...

It's not a lie, but first you have to, actually, be smart to work smart. If you aren't Einstein smart then hard work is your very best choice, and the way things are today that may not even be enough.

Sebastian Hawks said...

The entire "College Cargo Cult" is based on a retarded misinterpretation of correlation without causation. Two generations ago the rubes notices that smart people all had really good jobs, and smart people also went to college. Of course they choose to believe the wrong conclusion, that college was the reason for their lot in life rather than that their innate intelligence was the cause. You can't get "smarter" anymore than a frog can turn into a dog, (or for that matter a man can turn into a woman) and people know this so they choose to believe that "college" was the determinate. Anyone can do that after all, you just have to pay the education racket their 40 pieces of silver and Walla, Homer Simpson is now Sociology Major. Well, now all this really accomplished is to make a degree worthless and divert a massive amount of resources to a Keynesian employment project, The Education Racket. Even Bruce Rauner, or spend thrift Republican Governor trying to rain in the tax and spend liberals elected by the degenerate Chicago electorate uses the "education is our salvation" rhetoric and instead wants to balance the budget on the backs of old people. With "For Profit" scam-schools now fleecing Shaniqua out of the equivalence of a brand new Buick for a worthless non-accredited piece of toilet paper degree that no employers take seriously we may be in the final stages of the "College Cargo Cult" before the angry villages realize they've been had and toss it's priests into the volcano.