Thursday, June 1, 2017

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It is reliably rumored that the President Trump is pulling us out of the Paris Climate Agreements.  The screams and howls of outrage are already giving me a hell of a schaudenboner.  The reason this is such a big deal is that the Globalists have a put in a system where an executive order will be legally treated as a treaty.

Rush explains:

So in summary, the Paris Accord is not a treaty, but yet it could end up being enforced as one because of our own law called the Treaty on Treaties, which simply says that if we announce support in principle, that if we sign an ancillary document promising to do what we can, that is the same thing as the Senate ratifying it with two-thirds of the Senate voting. It is a trick by globalists to get the United States to sign a treaty -by the way- well, I say trick. The people that voted for this understood exactly what they were doing. Nobody was tricked here except the American people. I don't mean to imply that members of Congress or the Senate were tricked. They knew exactly what they were doing. . .

It is a mechanism to commit the United States to things that are drastically, horribly detrimental to us without going through the constitutional process that ratifies such treaties. It substitutes verbal consent of agreement in principle, say, as the equivalent of a signature and two-thirds of the Senate voting to affirm. The American people are being told, "It's toothless." In fact, here's the message that's being used by the media to try to convince Trump to sign this. . . And that is not true. If he signs on to this, it is a huge promise broken. It is a huge violation of trust. It may be something insurmountable for the president and his base to sign on to this. It is not harmless. 

In short the Paris Accords were a backdoor treaty created by executive order. And according to past SCOTUS decisions, treaties supersede our own freaking constitution.  The Paris Accords had nothing to do with climate and everything to do with putting a yoke on the USA.

It is only right and proper that they be chucked into the nearest ditch.  Praise and glory to the God-Emperor.


The Summer blockbuster season is off to a rather weak start.  The new Pirates of Caribbean movie hasn't exactly tanked but certainly hasn't blown the doors either.  Eighty-five million is a bad start when your production budget was north of 250 million.

The POTC movies have a very simple problem.  Jack Sparrow is fundamentally incapable of growth as a character. He is always going to be the same guy that he has always been.  Now that was okay waaaaay back in the first movie when he was a supporting character but the moment you make him the unequivocal lead, the movie turns into just another product of the sequel/remake treadmill.  You just keep reshooting the same scenes again and again.

Also, let's face it, the whole franchise is past it's sell by date.

Alien Covenant isn't doing to well either.  Production budget was 97 million and the world wide take is 165 million.  By Hollywood accounting standards, this is a flop.  And frankly it's a well deserved one.  

I am going to appall one or two of you with my next statement.  

I liked Prometheus.  

Now I will be the first to admit that it was a flawed film.  Deeply flawed.  But then so to was Blade Runner. 

I enjoyed the start of Prometheus, it had that British Sci-Fi Quatermass vibe to it.   The vast expanses of time and all of that.  My biggest objection to it was that the film was NOT a direct precursor to Alien itself.  Ridley Scott's screen writer talked him out of that one and it was a huge mistake.  If it had taken place on...checking the internet... LV-426 then the story would have been about an expedition we had known was doomed.  If done well that can be intriguing.

Sadly a much bigger mistake was just around the corner and that was Alien Covenant.  That one is so bad I'd normally be asking if Scott has lost his fast ball.  But his last picture was The Martian so probably not.  






This film blows the whole franchise.  It turns out that David, the evil android from Prometheus, is the asshole who creates the Xenomorphs.  That is the point and purpose of this flick.  To tell you how the Xenomorphs were created.   

Who. The. Fuck. Cares? 

Part of their appeal was the mystery surrounding them.  Are they intelligent?  Are they just animals? Do they have a plan?  When a big part of a MacGuffin's appeal is the eternal mystery surrounding it, the last thing you do is solve the mystery.

Ridley Scott knows better.  


Overwatch's competitive placement games are nothing short of utterly pointless.  They are designed to land you exactly where you were at the end of the previous season.  If you want a genuinely fresh start you are obliged to buy a new licence and start from scratch.


Jew613 said...

So his Majesty pulled out of the Paris accords since it's bad for Americans even if the elite was loving it. It's a little surreal an American President acting in the interests of his country.

jaericho said...

Spot on with Covenant. Explaining the mystery of the Space Jocky and the Xeno's was bad enough, but explaining it with such a mundane and boring explanation is worse.

I too kinda liked Prometheus. Someone mentioned that if you think that Theron's character hired the crappiest ppl in the 'verse to piss off Daddy then the movie makes sense. I find that hilarious.

To me, there's only one Alien movie, and another really cool movie set in the Alien universe (Aliens).

((( bob kek mando ))) - ( Give us this day our daily bait, that we may crush our enemies, see their weaksauce driven before us and hear the lamentations of their women, thank you Baby Jesus, Amen ) said...

Cataline Sergius
It turns out that David, the evil android from Prometheus, is the asshole who creates the Xenomorphs.

i'm sure that's what is presented in Covenant ( i haven't bothered seeing it ).

there's only one problem with that hypothesis;
the Xenomorph is in Prometheus. it's carved on the wall in the Giant Head Room where the exploratory team finds all the jars of Black Goo. ie - if you accept the opening sequence to depict an Engineer seeding the Earth with life, it likely predates David's creation by BILLIONS of years.

therefore, David didn't create anything, he simply bred the Black Goo back to one of it's original body types, which the Engineers had known about for untold millennia.

which raises the question: why the hell wouldn't the Engineers have known how to deal with it? it is THEIR OWN DAMN WEAPON, after all.

this is what happens in Hollywood, a bunch of idiots running around attaching all kinds of stupid cruft to the story so that it's no longer possible to have it make any sense.