Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Alex Jone's Revenge

Actually it's a passive revenge but revenge is revenge none the less.

MeAgain Kelly's ratings are now in the shitter.

This is from Fox who is treating itself to just a little schadenfreude.

All of that free publicity couldn't push Megyn Kelly over the top.

Despite a week's worth of stories about her controversial interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the Q&A ended up being watched by only 3.5 million viewers, and was soundly beaten by CBS rival “60 Minutes,” which drew 5.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

The NBC hour-long “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” program was criticized ahead of time because Jones had in the past called the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn., a hoax. Members of that community, where 20 children and six educators were killed, were among those who spoke out against NBC airing the interview, and a local NBC affiliate refused to even carry the program.

The program took a nosedive in comparison to Kelly’s debut on June 4, which featured an interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin. That interview drew 6.2 million viewers.

And Kelly didn’t just lose viewers. Forbes reported JPMorgan, along with several local advertisers, dropped spots from the show or, in the case of the financial company, the enirety of NBC News, until after the interview aired.

But the controversy didn’t end there. Before the interview, Jones leaked an audio recording of what he said was a phone conversation with Kelly. In the conversation, Kelly was heard promising she would not portray him as “some kind of boogeyman.”

Al Tompkins, the Poynter Institute’s senior faculty for broadcasting and online, told Forbes that Kelly will need to boost her ratings to ensure her reported seven-figure salary with the network.

Tompkins goes on to say that this isn't necessarily the end for Kelly.

Actually it is.  MeAgain's base was right wing and she just gave them an undisguised middle finger. 

When NBC lured the Fox's lead TGIF* Blonde Du Jour away with the promise of making her a super big star on a real network.  NBC was trying to do something sensible.  The late Roger Ailes had a joke he liked to tell, "Fox serves a nitch market, 45% of the country."  NBC, not unreasonably has decided that it would like a little piece of that action.  But they won't get it.

You see, Ailes also new a thing or two about showmanship.  Newspapers didn't start out as valiant seekers of the truth.  They all started out in the 18th century as sleezy-ass gossip gazettes.  Around the middle of the 19th century it was worked out that if you had a reputation for honest reporting of the news rather than just making shit up off the top of your head, you would have more steady sales.

But the thing Ailes kept sight of which almost no American journalist seems to understand is that people don't watch the news to be informed.  And they sure as fuck don't watch it to be educated.  

People watch the news to be entertained.  

Something as written by the Guardian:

"The household had Dickensian air about it."

Same thing as written by the New York Times:

"The family living in the house could be viewed as somewhat reminiscent of the the writings Charles Dickens (a 19th century English writer)." 

Say what you want about the Guardian and I frequently do, they at least have a clue as to how to write and engaging and concise sentence.

MeAgain Kelly was brought on board at NBC in an effort to draw in a Right wing audience.   Given the slightest chance, Kelly leaped at an opportunity to prove to her new friends that she really wasn't one of us at all.

And she wasn't.  All she ever really was, was a news actress that her producer wanted to bang.

*In case you aren't familiar with Blonde jokes that one goes; "why do Blondes have TGIF written on their shoes? Answer: it means Toes Go In First.

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