Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump Did the Nation No Small Favor By Ditching Comey

The recently unemployed (and alleged Republican)  James Comey, responded to his firing like any proud Cuckservative or low T-Beta male would.

He leaked a memo.

Or rather part of memo.

The man's job was to find leakers and the moment he was ditched, he leaked himself like an affronted Lead High School cheerleader who had told everyone that the Captain of the Football Team was taking her to the prom but then he took the Head of the Motion Squad instead.

The Times said Comey wrote the memo shortly after an Oval Office meeting on Feb. 14, the day after Flynn resigned from the Trump administration. The paper acknowledged it had not seen a copy of the memo, but said a Comey associate read parts of it to a reporter over the phone.

A friend read parts of the memo for him!!  

Like, O-M-G! Like, Monica is just pissed at Chad right now! I mean like, taking that slut to the prom instead of her!  Well like, here is something Monica told me about Chad  that I bet like, you didn't know...

Democrats and their love of live for the moment politics have now decided that they are going to press for impeachment of President Trump on the basis of this.  It was inevitable that they would try to do so.  They are still mad about Bill Clinton and Zippergate, which lead to his impeachment.  The Left can't see ahead but they can remember the past like it was yesterday.

They are claiming that the president quashed  an ongoing investigation.

Investigation into fucking what?

Flynn was a liar but he didn't break any laws.

Once again there is no there, there.  This one will run it's course too like the rest of the nothing burgers that are getting served up on a daily basis.

However, he needs to stop being reactive. The Deep State will never let him settle into a normal presidency.  His very presence is an intolerable affront to the entire Deep State Class.  They will simply never stop trying to bring him down.  The God-Emperor needs to once more ascend the Golden Lion Throne and start making them jump, whenever he yells, "frog" again.

Step one.  Take back his Twitter account.

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