Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Think About This

Why is Western Civilization circling the drain?

It is not because of falling IQs.  Although they are in general falling.

However highly intelligent men didn't really build the west.  No, truthfully  they did not..

Prior to 1850, if you could construct branch and bound algorithms in your head you were an utterly useless freak of nature. (*Note, even today those who can do that are generally adversely selected to be sexually attractive attractive to women*). 

Before 1850. If you were someone really useful you were either a great general, a great artist or great orator.
Those were the Men that were famous. And men were made famous because of the paramount significance of their work.The decisions they made were important.  And if they were really famous then their decisions were really important.  And I do mean, it is a matter of life and death! Important. 

Those were the men that built the West.

So what happened to change all of that?


Yes.  That is what happened to the nature of fame.  "Where any office boy or young mechanic can be a panic with just a good looking tan..."  Truer words were never put to paper.  When Hollywood came along all requirements for fame being connected to achievement were flushed down the toilet.

Now men (*and of course women*) seek fame first. 

They are only trying to become famous by becoming famous.Now a certain degree of narcissism was to be found by the great men of the past but feeding their malignant narcissism was only a stepping stone not the be all end all goal in and of itself.

If you are like George Clooney you become famous for virtually nothing.**

Then the media pretends that what people like George Clooney do AFTER becoming famous is important.  

This is source the source of the media's loathing for the Kardashians.  They don't try to pretend they are anything but publicity whores.  Kendall Jenner's Pepsi commercial would have been fine if they had cast anyone besides Kendall Jenner to be the Rich Model.  Bruce Jenner's daughter held up a fun house clown mirror, throwing a distorted burlesque of their non-existant SJW values and standards right in their faces.

The very best satire is always inadvertent. 

*This is an expansion of a comment that I had made on this post at Vox Day's blog Vox Popoli.

** In Clooney's case it is nothing. He has 25 films on his imdb resume only five of which made it into blockbuster status and he was arguably the star of none of them.

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Kentucky Headhunter said...

I really only see fame as a means of attaining wealth, but since I am basically an introvert I've never really wanted to be famous, though I would really enjoy being wealthy. My dream is to be the richest person that no one has ever heard of. Diamond as big as the Ritz wealth, and I can move around with impunity.