Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My First Real Doubts About Trump

Okay, not my first.  Long time readers of this blog know that I wasn't too quick to jump on the Trump Train.  However, once he was nominated I decided to lean forward and commit.  When Ted Cruz blew his moment at the convention, I knew I had made the right choice in switching horses.  I attended rallies, blogged about him all the time and really got my back to wheel.

And then we won.  I couldn't have been happier on election night.  It looked like there was a real chance to turn things around.  Not a good chance you understand but a real chance none the less.

When he attacked Syria, I didn't shit myself over it.  A clean break with Obamaism.  Yes, it meant a break with Putin but the truth is that Putin is the head of a regional power with no ability to project and no real impact on American markets.  China is the big dog that needs to be feed the good juicy bones and yes, attacking Syria was part of that.

I had heard a few things about Flynn so losing him didn't upset me.

Gorsuch was a huge win for the Right.  And may have set the stage for an easier and bigger win if Kennedy steps down this summer.

And all of that suddenly feels a bit like ashes in my mouth because of the budget.

THE WALL is not funded.  The..

...look this thing was abject failure in every way available to it.  Forget about filibustering in the Senate.  The Democrats KNOW that when they are talking to Republicans they are dealing with fucking pussies.  The slightest whiff of a government shutdown sends those frightened little bunnies scurrying for their burrows.  They have learned nothing from the God Emperor.  They still saddled with parliamentary leaders who couldn't fight their way out of a whore house, which what they supposedly lead.

The Democrats are so confident of their eternal whip hand in budget disputes that they openly threatened to shut the government down if their demands were not granted this time around, without bothering to conceal the threat at all. They know Republicans believe they will be held responsible for any such crisis. It doesn’t matter how many red-ink-stained Democrat fingers are on the shutdown. It wouldn't matter if Democrat senators and representatives were caught on video running around Washington and pulling the plugs out of government computers. Terrified Republican leaders are convinced the media will never, ever frame the crisis as "Democrats Shut Down Federal Government to Protect Illegal Alien Criminals."

The GOP Establishment just emerged from a presidential primary in which Donald Trump bulldozed a huge field of top-shelf Republican contenders, in no small part because the public was furious with Republican inability to make progress on a conservative agenda despite holding both House and Senate. They seem to have learned nothing from the experience.

The GOP promised that if voters gave them the Senate in 2014 -- an outcome deemed extremely unlikely going into the election cycle -- they would march over former Majority Leader Harry Reid's political grave and get things done at last.

That didn't happen. We were told the power of President Obama's veto pen was unbeatable. But Obama didn’t even have to use that pen, because the revolutionary new GOP Congress immediately set about giving the Democrat minority near-total control over the budget. The first item on the Republican leadership agenda in 2015 was sidelining every young Republican representative who took all that balanced-budget limited-government stuff seriously. By the end of the year, Democrats were crowing that House Speaker Paul Ryan and his allies "gave away the store."

It's funny how having a Republican president doesn’t slow down Democrat budget priorities a bit, isn't it? In 2009, Republicans said they were helpless without congressional majorities. In 2010 they won the House, but said they were helpless without the Senate. Then they took the Senate, but said they were helpless without the White House. Democrats today are basically where Republicans were in 2009... but they're not helpless at all. They’re still writing the budget and treating the GOP leadership like Harry Potter's house elves. Paul Ryan can only hope that one day Nancy Pelosi will mistakenly give him a sock and set him free.

Pence was on Limbaugh's show yesterday and loyally carried water for his boss but the only thing he could he going on about was defense spending increases.

The budget was a clean loss for Trump and he's pretending it was some manner of victory.

The fact that it's the Democrats that are dancing in the endzone should tell him who actually scored here.

It's not too late for Trump to turn this around but this was a serious loss of momentum for him and momentum is everything in presidential politics.

On the off chance that you are reading this: Mister President, I'm still in your corner but you have to stop trying to put lipstick on this pig.  The budget was your first official loss to the swamp. 

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