Monday, May 15, 2017

Larry Corriea Gives an Author's Perspective to Netflix's Iron Han

His perspective is that it sucked.

Next, the main characters need to be entertaining. These are shows literally named after the main character. That main character needs to carry the show.

Daredevil, solid job. Pros, the actor did a great job. You feel like you really get to know Matt Murdock. Cons, I don’t like the repetitive emo weepiness about maybe having to kill somebody every other episode. (because really, you beat people unconscious by bashing them repeatedly with batons then hurling them down a flight of stairs yet no mooks ever die?). But that emo attitude came from the original source material, so that’s more of a writing pet peeve of mine than something actually wrong with the show.

Luke Cage, the dude exhudes cool. He’s Luke Motherf’ing Cage, and he owns it. They play him true to the character.

Jessica Jones… To be fair, they also stayed true to the character, only the character was an alcoholic with a laundry list of personal issues. Which is fine, but also cuts into my enjoyment for the same reason I can only give you the name of a couple of Stephen King protagonists. But if you’re going for noir detective stuff, whatever, I get why they did it.

The important thing is the character makes sense, feels like an actual person, and their actions make sense as things that character would actually do in that context.

But Iron Fist, oh man. That dude was all over the board. I can’t blame the actor, this is the only thing I think I’ve ever seen him in, so I don’t know how good an actor he actually is. I don’t know how much of this character was on the actor not playing the character in a way that made sense, or if they just wrote the character in a way that didn’t make sense.

On one hand, they’ve got him doing this optimistic innocent thing to the point to stupidity. Only I AM THE IRON FIST he insists a couple times per episode, and then he’s struggling with boundless rage. He’s supposed to have won this super big deal title by doing some mystical thing with a dragon, which all of the other badass warrior monks couldn’t do, but then he’s getting suckered and duped like a naïve clown.

He’s simultaneously supposed to be super competent and a complete idiot. He’s supposed to be this wise Zen master, and then he’s having a teenage freak out. None of those are right or wrong, and you can have an awesome character be either, but pick a direction and run already. Yes, you can have a character be really good at one thing, yet flawed in another, but those things need to feel right. Hell, I wrote Ashok, who is the walking embodiment of clueless murder machine, but as long as actions make sense in context of who they are, you’re good.

Danny Rand, not so much. “I am this super naïve innocent hobo philosopher-BOUNDLESS RAGE-now I just want to be a normal boy—NO I AM THE IRON FIST BUT I DON’T WANT TO DO IRON FIST STUFF RIGHT NOW. Wait I am once again easily befuddled. BUT YOU WILL DIE FOR THE MURDER OF MY PARENTS. Only I don’t want to actually kill you but you will pay for your crimes. Only we can’t involve the police because that will just make it worse. And I say that even though I do not know how this ‘society’ of yours works because I was raised in a monastery-WHERE THEY BEAT ME WITH STICKS.”

At one point he fights a Drunken Master (yay!), only Danny loses his crap and nearly beats the guy to death, and then he’s all conflicted and weepy about it. Make up your mind already. THE HAND MUST DIE-Oh no I hurt a ninja and now I am sad!

Frank Castle would have just shot everybody to death and wrapped this story up in two episodes, tops.

Honestly, I haven't been able to get into any of the Marvel Netflix superhero shows. Daredevil was an SJW stroke fest. Jessica Jones was too heavy on the feminism for my taste. And I haven't watched Luke Cage yet because I don't want to.

Although, there is a ray of hope. I watched the good-parts version of season 2 of DareDevil. The good parts all featured, The Punisher. I am actually looking to that one.


gnossoss said...

Eh, I wasn't that impressed with the Netflix version of the Punisher. They went really hard on the "broken and damaged" thing which really isn't a big part of the character, at least not the versions I enjoyed.

I read pretty much all of Garth Ennis' amazing run. His Punisher's only emotional issue is that there's not much to him other than killing anymore. His soul is hollowed out and he filled the space with knowledge of every manner of killing and unrelenting will to kill evil men. He's a force of nature, hardly a man at all anymore.

Trying to humanize him -- I don't know, it doesn't work that well for me. Going the PTSD route seemed overdone, and it made his killing more like the way Dexter kills people (because he's compelled to due to mental illness) and less like the wrath of God being visited on the unrighteous.

Kentucky Headhunter said...

Daredevil: Hated the skirt and his pal Froggy was super-lame. The fight scenes were well done, but even that gets repetitive after a few episodes. Kingpin was well-done and his girlfriend is just the sexiest woman over 20 y.o. that I have seen in a long while.

JJ: Watched the first episode. Crap.

LC: Not interested.

Legends of Tomorrow: Plot makes zero sense. 5 heroes with a time/spaceship can't take care of one non-super-powered bad guy? Also zero hot chicks in regular cast.

JohnofAustria said...

I liked the Daredevil Season 2 arc with Frank, especially as a father. I read the PTSD as being a great humanizing device, especially for a man who otherwise is a death machine. The scene where he talked to DD about his family was a great insight to the man who was lost when they died, but he was still a relentless killer who would stop at nothing to destroy evil.

I came away thinking of him as a man who wanted to truly punish the evil he saw, but always carried the loss of his family.