Thursday, May 18, 2017

It's Time to Deal With Team NeverTrump

The NeverTrumpers seem to think that they are bullet proof.  That they can say and do anything without fear of consequence.  As if they were protected by some invisible shield...which indeed they were.

That shield was our tolerance of them.

And it was an understandable tolerance.  Most of them are capital L, Libertarians.  A lot of us used to be Libertarians and a lot us weren't too wild about Trump when he first showed up on the national stage.  But our view was, "hey, we saw the light.  They can too, if we give them long enough." 

It turns out that there is no long enough.

They aren't going to see the light because that means giving up their identity as Libertarians.  They can't do that.  They just can't.

They are now proving themselves active useful idiots.

Our tolerance is at an end.

So what does this mean?  It means we purge them.  Sad, but there it is.  For myself I will be actively campaigning against a man I fought hard for in past primary seasons.  Justin Amash.  I once thought his heart was in the right place but he's too much of an ideologue to be anything other than a hearth's betrayer at this point.  Amash has to go.  Yes, even if that means voting for the Cuck that Ryan will try to place in the Grand Rapids district but only if there is no Nationalist available.

 The Cucks are the enemy in exile, the Libertarian NeverTrumpers are the enemy in residence.


((( bob kek mando ))) - ( forgive us of our baiting, as we forgive those who bait against us ) said...

Louise Mensch is on twitter declaring that Russia hacking the DNC computers and interfering in a US election is an act of war ... and the US will wage war on Russia for it.

i find it quite interesting that a UK citizen, who is a converso Jew, has no limits on what interference SHE commits against the US political system.

by her own criteria, why shouldn't the US declare war on Louise Mensch, the United Kingdom and Israel?

((( bob kek mando ))) - ( forgive us of our baiting, as we forgive those who bait against us ) said...