Wednesday, May 17, 2017

GOP Senate Majority Likely Down by One

Senator Thom Tillis Republican from North Carolina collapsed at some race in DC.  He was given CPR and rushed to a hospital.

That's all anyone knows but the CPR part is very bad news.  Generally speaking it has a five percent chance of working.  Now that is better than doing nothing at all but still it ain't good.

North Carolina's governor is a Democrat.  He will, (if given the chance) appoint a Democrat, that's how the game is played.

It will bring the GOP down to a majority of 51 with one very squishy senator from Maine and a Rent-A-RINO from Alaska.

I hope Kennedy retires soon.


False alarm he is making live statements from the hospital.

A strong indication he is not in coma...even by Senate standards.

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