Thursday, May 18, 2017

Geeeez, Stop Panicking Guys

The last time I saw this much weeping an wailing was when the Pussygate tape got leaked.  Everyone was running around wringing their hands and wailing, "all is lost!" Hillary in the meantime started planning for her second term as president.

Ten days later, Trump was elected president.

There was a key difference though.  When it came to Pussygate, Trump had actually done something.  It wasn't much but it was verifiable.

In this case he hasn't done anything. That still means something.

I suppose this may seem worse for once because FoxNews has jumped on the bandwagon but you have to remember Ailes is gone and now in the grave.  The Murdoch Brothers have the reins and they are shifting Fox to the Left.  Fox is no longer a Right wing news outlet.  Just accept that and start reading Breitbart.

The really good news is that the backstabbers and the boneless wonders are now out in open.  Trump had to give them a chance, he doesn't have to do that twice.


((( bob kek mando ))) - ( forgive us of our baiting, as we forgive those who bait against us ) said...

In this case he hasn't done anything. That still means something.

not to the Ann Morgan's and Louise Mensch's of the world.

THEY are accustomed to being catered too simply because they are shrieking ... even if what they are shrieking about is entirely a figment of their own imaginations.

which is why it was so stupid to give women the franchise.

because the typical female response to any "situation" is to shriek about it. and the typical response of the men in hearing is to rush to their aid.

L. Beau said...

The anti-trump Leftists were calling for Trump to be impeached before he even took the oath of office:

Anti-Trump hysteria stinks on ice. It has nothing to do with the man or his policies. It has to do with 1.) Democrats acting like spoiled children after their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost an election that was eminently winnable for her, and 2.) the gullibility of non-Democrats, e.g., Ross Douhat.

I say "gullibility" in regard to their unstated but apparent belief that the Left-wing Democrat crybaby smear-machine will stop once Mike Pence, or any other Republican, assumes the office of President. My prediction is that if and when they take a scalp (Trump), they'll be all that more emboldened to go after someone else.

Question for the crybaby Left: If Trump is "literally Hitler", why aren't you in jail?