Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fox News Death Spiral

Daily Kos is always good for a laugh.  Their latest headline was: The Fox News regimen of ignoring Republican scandals is biting them in the ratings

As you can tell from that headline no one at Kos would risk ideological contamination by actually  watching Fox.

Really guys, Fox hasn't been doing that at all. In fact there has been no difference between Fox's coverage and...well...anybody else's.  That's the problem, you see.

This is from CNN, (so no clicky for them):

Fox, which has a pro-Trump vibe in prime time, usually ranks No. 1 among cable news channels with 25 to 54 year olds, a key demographic for advertisers.

But for the past week, with Trump mired in scandal, MSNBC has out-rated Fox News in prime time in the so-called "demo."

Both MSNBC and CNN have seen ratings spikes related to FBI Director James Comey's firing and the fallout ever since. The Nielsen ratings data suggests that Fox viewers are less interested.

Fox still has a loyal base of viewers who watch the network throughout the day. It remains No. 1 in total viewers, with CNN and MSNBC far behind.

But with the White House in crisis mode, and Fox sometimes downplaying the seriousness of the situation, channel surfers are opting for MSNBC and CNN instead.

So far this week, Fox has ranked No. 3 in prime time behind both CNN and MSNBC, which almost never happens.

The rest is heart felt advice on how Fox can recover it's ratings by being more left wing and intensely critical of president Trump.  I'm sure the Murdoch Babies are paying attention and will act accordingly.

What truly amazes me is their complete and abject mental disconnection that can never be made with these fucking morons.

On the off chance one of you is reading this I will try to explain this to you once again.


The only reason Fox commanded the audience it had was because that audience had no place else to go.  It was Fox or nothing so now they are opting for nothing.

 There it is nice and simple and I'm sure they can't let themselves believe it.  No, when Fox's ratings are down it doesn't mean that all of it's Right wing viewers suddenly decided they needed to watch Morning Joe.  It means that Grandma has gritted her teeth and is finally learning to explore the internet because that is the only place that she can find out about today's events without having a stroke.

Without Ailes at the helm and the Murdoch Babies pushing Left you can expect Fox to continue it's down hill ratings slide.

The eye-rolling part is how many on the Right seem to regard this as a tragedy instead of an opportunity.

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