Friday, May 26, 2017

Convergence Comes to La La Land

The fuck did you expect?

Yang described a conversation he had recently with a casting executive at “one of the studios” in Hollywood. Yang wanted to know if the person cared how many Instagram followers someone had before hiring them. In our social media age, having a large cyber following can be attractive to some employers.

“I do check the Instagrams to see if there’s anything weird, if they get drunk every day or if they’re a Trump supporter,” Yang recalls her saying. “Then, I don’t know. I would have a hard time…”

“That’s messed up, though,” Yang says about her confession. “Aren’t you being a bigot in a way?”

Tim Allen's Last Man Standing was just sent to the Land of Eternal Reruns and it was the third highest rated show on ABC.  Now these days ratings don't mean as much as they used to and costs need to be controlled. But if you think for a second politics didn't enter into ABC's decision you are high on something that is drastically more powerful than is generally available in Hollywood.

Showbiz has always been Lefty as hell.  And I do mean always.  There was a reason the Romans wouldn't allow actors to vote.  The kind of creativity required to be an actor tends toward a mindset that is given to malignant narcissism.  It's nearly a job requirement, you have to be aware of how you look 24/7.  

In the days of the Moguls, Hollywood was sort of politically balanced.  The talent was Left wing, the bosses were Right wing. That they spent most of their time bumping heads is a fact that is well known.

However both sides routinely buried the hatchet whenever something came along to threaten their industry.  

The Communists that they embrace as martyrs today, were outliers at the time. The regular Hollywood was just as happy to purge them, as the Moguls.

But of course they didn't stay purged.  The Hollywood Ten was routinely getting work under the table all the while they were black listened.   The real horror so far as they were concerned was that they couldn't use their own names.  And on the off chance you were wondering.  Yes, they were in fact all Communists.

None the less for a while there was a certain political balance that worked in the industry's favor. The actors union would run interference with the Left and the Moguls would do the same for the Right.

That all started to change in the late sixties and early seventies when the Baby Moguls started taking the reins away from dad.  The Baby Moguls were all good solid Lefties themselves and were anxious to prove it.

The political Right was unusually powerless during this period, so there was no threat from that quarter.  The film industry began indulging itself. The American Left wing acting community began to worship British actors who were openly avowed Communists.  Vanessa Redgrave comes irresistibly to mind.  This is a woman who found her father in bed with her husband.   None the less she was lionized by the likes of Jane Fonda.

If you were on the Right, this was the period where you first learned it was a good idea to keep your mouth shut.

When the eighties came along the Right wing was resurgent politically and probably strong enough to damage the film industry.  However in 1980 a long term investment by Lew Wasserman paid off, when Ronald Reagan was elected president.  Reagan was not one to forget about outstanding debts that had to be paid.  Any talk of seriously censuring Hollywood for it's excesses, quietly died.

Right wing actors at this time found themselves walled in to the action ghetto of the 1980s.  However it was well paying ghetto and none of them seemed to mind all that much.  In fact it seemed to give the roles they played a certain amount of legitimacy.

The new rules were, so long as you can still put money paying asses on seats everything else could be over looked provided you weren't too in your face about it.  And yes you could easily go too far.  Charleton Heston was a pariah towards the end.

However SJWism has now arrived in LaLa Land.  Bad business decisions are being made in the name of SJW approved politics.  ABC's giving  the highly rated Last Man Standing the boot, after having green lit a second season of that ratings crater, Agent Carter, demonstrates the kind of thinking that is now starting to infect the American film industry.   And the twitter stasi are referring to the likes of  Adam Baldwin as "the one that was on Firefly that I don't like anymore".

SJW converged businesses always inevitably liquidate.

Honestly, it's as well that that gold plated house of cards will finally collapse.  Although it could easily be sped along if the GOP passed Glen Reynolds 20% tax on entertainment venues.

Good luck getting Ryan to uncuck long enough to go along with that.

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Kentucky Headhunter said...

I'd never watched Last Man Standing until I heard that is was cancelled. Have been watching on Netflix with my boys and I am amazed that it was ever on the air, given how conservative (but still flawed) Tim's Mike Baxter character is. Obama bashing lines were actually sent out over the airwaves when he was in office?

The show is actually very well written, with the dialogue being the standout, but most amazing is that Mike is portrayed as caring, fit, competent father who actually is the smartest character on the show. His wife is nicely played by Nancy Travis, who is attractive but not overly so and who is definitely second banana in the pecking order. Eve is the only daughter I enjoy watching as the other two are a bitchy single-mom and a useless airhead (supposedly) pretty-pretty. She's a 6 tops, really. Though I wouldn't want any of my sons to hook up with Eve either since she's still a little too butch for her own good. Even the grandson is nicely acted by the kid playing him.

We won't be seeing its like again until well after the coming correction.