Friday, May 19, 2017

Attempted Coup Running Out of Steam

It was the first real attempt at one in the history of our republic and it gassed itself out last night.

This morning the headlines are all a lot less lurid.  Even CNN is assuming a less aggressive posture.  Fox apparently remembered it was supposed to be a center right news source and not another mouth piece for the Washington Post (that won't last by the way). And this morning's searing headline from the New York Times read: Outreach From President Made Comey Uneasy a Friend Says.  This last is understandable as James Comey is such a repellent little mannequin that any attempt at human out reach towards him must have been a terrifying experience, the likes of which he had never once gone through in his life.

The Democrat leadership started telling it's people to shut the fuck up about impeachment.

And the Cucks got off the band wagon.

Bottom-line: The Deep State got cold feet.

Several reasons for that.  

President Trump's campaign organization took in better than 300,000 bucks on Wednesday alone, which is unheard of in a completely non-campaign environment, when no one is rattling the begging bowl.  Which meant the core support for him was still ready for a fight. 

A former FBI head, who unlike Comey enjoys genuine respect in Washington circles was appointed to oversee the Russia investigation.  Since there is no there, there...and everyone on the Left secretly knows's going to be, "nothing see here folks move along" time when he finally reports, "I'm sorry but as you all knew all along, there's nothing here."  The Left's ability to pretend that a years long raison d'etre never once existed, never ceases to amaze to me.

Also there has never been a coup in the United States of America before.  It needed Cuckservatives on board to make it happen and while they hate Trump and want him gone, there was a problem for them.  Since they aren't proper SJWs they can actually plan for the future and there was clearly no plan, precedent or template for the aftermath of a coup.  They are Cucks after all and the unknown is scary to them.

Lastly there is the man himself.  Since they had no force at all on their side, they were entirely reliant upon President Trump to give up under their intense pressure and just quit.  I mean shit we would have ya know.

In order to kill this coup all he had to do was what he did.

He said, "no."


Jew613 said...

I've watched a few clips of Comey and the man has some of the weirdest body language I've ever seen. I dont know where he'd be classified on Vox's sexual hierarchy but he gives just an odd vibe like he's poorly imitating how he believes people should behave.

The elite have forgotten a key rule about a Coup d'etat, even when force is involved the strength of the man at the top and his immediate circle is critical. So long as the chief is strong and not killed in the initial moments a coup is likely to fail. If the leader is weak but he is surrounded by at least some strong men, the coup is likely to fail. Trump is strong and he has strong men around him, a coup involving soldiers storming the White House would probably have failed.

I understand the American elite are used to an opposition which ranges from controlled to spineless to incompetent but they honestly should have realized by now His Majesty is cut from a different cloth.

Cataline, since you were a Marine how would the Corps have responded to an attempted Coup that didnt fizzle after a day, whether using force or some corrupt kangaroo legal process?

Cataline Sergius said...

The success or failure of a coup largely depends on the OPFOR's ability to gain physical custody of the chief executive. Do that and the battle is 90 percent over.

So the answer is evac the president to a redoubt. Someplace he is safe and has good comms available. Probably not Camp David or the Marine Barracks at Eighth and Eye.

Most likely choice would be Quantico. Good comms, enough troops to fight off a professional military assault and even has a fixed runway.