Friday, May 19, 2017

Anatomy of A Coup Attempt

I'm not sure how much planning went into this.

This felt like an SJW Swarming Event. I mean they did have an attack planned but that was over the classified bullshit. Like Trump was actually sharing Compartmentalized Information and revealing Humint contacts.  They don't really get how big a deal classified is because no journalist has been in uniform since the draft ended.

It was a nothing burger but they were geared up for it. Then Comey's memo story broke and they switched gears. The Comey thing was a leak and it was a leak that was accusing Trump of a crime.  That was something they actually understood, so all of the energy they had planned for the Classified story was diverted to the Comey Leak.

Then all of sudden something clicked for the hivemind clicked and the Isolate and Swarm was on.

An interesting thing to note about an SJW attack is just how much of it depends on momentum. There has to be a sense of driving force that builds and builds during the Isolate and Swarm period.

The key to surviving an SJW attack is surviving that momentum building period, until the momentum dissipates. If you are anti-fragile and have a steely nerve you can tough it out. Classic example; Vox Day being purged from SFWA.  Or more recently PewdiePie getting fired by Disney.  Both weathered the storm as if nothing had happened.

 If you are fragile or your nerve breaks, you'll be left in pieces on the floor.  Classic examples: Milo and the Objectionable Shirt Wearing Astrophysicist.

The problem the Deep State is facing is that Trump hasn't actually done anything other than hurt their feelings by being elected president.

Compounded by Hillary's refusal to publicly accept her failure as a candidate.  She had to blame anyone else.  

Although in truth it would have happened anyway.  The #NotMyPresident meme was a first.  The opposition refused to accept the election result peacefully and that is the point of holding an election in the first place.

This ultimately went double for the Deep State class.

Anyway, the Swarming Event was triggered and the Legacy Media (to include Fox New BTW) began their attempt to pressure Donald Trump to step down from the Presidency.  

Ultimately, the only thing they could do was pressure him to step down.  They had no threat of force.  They had no legal mechanism.  They of course had no fucking evidence.  They had nothing but media pressure.

Finally they remembered who they were dealing with and just how unlikely it was that Donald Trump would do that.

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