Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Special Counsel is NOT A Special Prosecutor

I'm not really surprised by the number of Legacy Media outlets that are fucking this one up. After all if they knew the difference then they really would be as smart as they pretend to be.

Bottomline my beloved readers the title of Special Prosecutor is an extinct one.

"The 1977 law that created the role of the 'special prosecutor,' placing few limitations on the length, cost or scope of independent investigations, expired in 1999. As a result, that option is effectively off the table, unless Congress reauthorizes the law or passes a new one. Neither scenario seems likely right now, with Republicans in control of Congress and Mr. Trump in the White House.

According to legal experts, the next best option for Democrats seeking an outside probe is for the Department of Justice to appoint a 'special counsel' — an investigator with less freedom than a 'special prosecutor,' and whose investigation could be curtailed or stopped altogether at any time by the Trump administration


Mr. Bee said...

Two words: Valary Plame. The special counsel screwed up the Bush administration on what was found to be a load of bullshit. Same deal with katrina bullshit. It killed Bush's last term in office and will probably do worse for Trump. They're running the Bush media/deep state attack on Trump and as near as I can tell he's screwed. Coincidentally, the only effective counter news organization, Fox, has just shot itself in the arse.

Cataline Sergius said...

Bush screwed himself at every opportunity he was given. The Plame Affair and Katrina could have been easily demolished at any time but that would mean taking on the Legacy Media and that is a BIG Cuckservative No-No.

As for Fox being an effective counter news organization, forget it. The lesser sons of the father have taken the reins there. The Murdoch boys are hard core Leftie. Fox is going to be reflecting those values more and more.

It doesn't matter anyway because Fox may as well call itself GNN (the Grandma News Network). It's demographic is geriatric and won't expand beyond that. It's always been Cuck friendly anyway. I never used it and I won't miss it.