Saturday, April 15, 2017

Will China Do It?


Certainly they are tired of the Kim family's bullshit.  They are tired of illegal immigrants flooding over the border.  The Chinese are disgusted by seeing what the North Koreans do to the Illegal Immigrants when they turn them back over to them.  

South Korea for it's part doesn't seem to really want the North back anymore.  Reunification was the Old Man's Dream.  The younger generations of South Koreans view their former cousins as "being as alien to us the Japanese".  Which is a ferocious insult if you know the background.

I was going to quote a piece from HotAir at this point but since the crux of that article was that Kim and Company didn't do a missile test during their recent celebrations, it is now obsolete.  According to the RoKs, the Norks did but the rocket blew up again.

There is the question of the nuclear threat directed at America and it's allies.  Their ground based missiles will take about four hours to fire. Four hours is a lot of time...for us.  As for their SLBMs...Honestly I'm not at worried about their SLBMs.  The odds of a North Korean missile boat NOT being acquired by an American attack sub within minutes of it's leaving port are too low for meaningful consideration.  Not a valid threat.

The real question at this point is will China finally deal with it's basket case of an ally?

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bert bvdemier said...

I think it also helps that the Chinese can save face by using the idea of "the madman Trump", allowing them to deal with North Korea against their wishes of course, but they have no choice.