Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why Did Constantinople Get the Works?

Why is the European Union keeping Turkey out?

One idea is that they are trying to restrict the free movement of Turks in Europe.  The problem with that idea is that the Turks move so freely in Europe it hardly matters at this point whether Turkey is a member or not.

Really, if it was just a matter of keeping out an Islamic dictatorship, the European Union would cave pretty quickly if Turkey screamed, Racist, Islamaphobe long enough and loud enough.  But that's not the big problem for Brussels.  The big problem with letting Turkey into the Union is the Euro.

The biggest reason Turkey wants into the EU (and Brussels wants to keep it out) is it's basketcase of currency.  The hyper-inflated, utterly worthless Turkish Lira.

The Turks just knocked a few zeros off of the TL not too long ago but the new TL is already dropping like a stone on the exchange markets.  Which isn't a shock but the underlying problems with the TL are completely resistant to change.

Greek style public spending coupled with Islam's endemic corruption.

The TL is failure loop that can't be broken. And inviting that system to ransack the Euro would be the end of the EU.

Although at this point it appears that the Turks no longer care about joining the EU.  Erdogan wants to bring back the death penalty and that is a major no-no for Europe.

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