Monday, April 3, 2017

Trump is a Lame Duck

Yeah.  That's what they are going with.

Chuck Todd threw that one out there Friday...I think.  Anyway, since the President didn't tweet anything particularly interesting this weekend the media has decided to go with it.

This is their follow on to, Trump's Entire Presidency Crashed in Flames Over the Failure of Ryancare.

Yes, it's profoundly stupid but at this point they live in the most impentrable bubble of all the SJWs.  The Media Bubble.  They are honestly convinced that they can alter reality to suit there own tastes through the power of their lying.  Honestly, even Goebbels would be saying, "guys this isn't healthy.  You have to stop."

None the less the Cucks are frantically cooing out their cuckoo song to the Right wing in the desperate hope that we will once again starve our own chicks in the nest to feed these interlopers.

The amazing thing about the Cucks is that they aren't actually stupid.  No, they really aren't but the future simply isn't real to them.  They can't plan ahead more than a month or two.  Long range strategic planning is completely beyond them.  The far future,  (by which I mean eight years from now) will always take a backseat to any immediate emotional gratification with these guys.  The Neocons generated a foreign policy disaster that by any measurable metric (except actual dead Americans) that was worse than Vietnam and they only did so to have the good feelz from the (as it turned out utterly botched hanging of Saddam.

Look, Saddam was one evil son of a bitch but he would have stayed Our Evil Son of a Bitch.  The only reason everything fell apart was due to a catastrophic fuck up by a career (female) diplomat who actually was an expert on Arab politics but could't figure out in 1989 that she was having a sit down with a Mafia Chieften who was politely asking permission from his Don (George H. Bush) to whack out another Made Guy.  Saddam left that meeting convinced that his years long loyalty had been rewarded and that Kuwait was green lit.

The NeoCon generated disasters that rained down on our heads for the past twenty years do not appear to have affected their ability to predict our judgement on their future endeavors due to their past performance.  

The NeoCon/NeverTrumps are convinced that if they can join the Looney Left in successfully delegitimizing the Trump Presidency then they will be back in the saddle.  Not realizing for an instant that if you delegitimize President Trump you are delegitimizing the entire system that made him president in the first place.

In which case there is no point in electing anyone president...ever again.

There is no reset button on institutions based on unshakable public trust.  Once that trust is shaken it stays shook forever.  But only a NeoCon NeverTrumper would be stooopid enough to not get that.

Also it doesn't really matter because the lame duck thing is bullshit as everyone is about to find out.

Stay tuned.


Jew613 said...

The reason the neocons and Leftists think they can destroy faith in institutions based on trust and then have those institutions restored once "they" have power is the utter contempt the elites feel for the masses they rule over. They thought Trump's election impossible and their brains are still trying to come to terms with it. They believe the masses will be happy to be stepped upon by their betters.

dfordoom said...

In which case there is no point in electing anyone president...ever again.

Maybe that's the whole idea. To move away from the whole democracy thing. To move into the post-democracy age. Maybe they want the American people to understand that there is no point in electing a president.

And you're talking about people with no comprehension of the concept of public trust. They understand power and they understand money.