Friday, April 21, 2017

The SJW Convergence of Foxnews

Honestly, I don't have a dog in this fight.

I haven't willingly watched TV news in better than a decade.  If it's not on the internet, I can't be bothered.

But it would appear that the iceberg is dead ahead for Foxnews and comes in the form of the boss' son.

These sources say James Murdoch’s long-time annoyance if not disgust with Fox News became cold fury after the Times' April 1 story [disclosing Bill O'Reilly's previous sexual harassment payouts ]-- even though several of the O’Reilly settlements had happened when James was CEO of the parent company. This was a similar reaction to what had followed the harassment suit by former anchor Gretchen Carlson against Fox News chief Roger Ailes in July. Every time Fox controversies spilled over into the wider world, James took it personally. "It was somehow against him," says one person close to the Murdochs.

Fox News is a business he should not be in, he had told people before, despite its major contribution to 21st Century Fox's bottom line --20 percent of its profits came from Fox News last year, the biggest-earning division in the company. Presumably, he meant the in-your-face world of conservative cable news with its mega personalities. Indeed, James regarded many of the people at Fox News as thuggish Neanderthals and said he was embarrassed to be in the same company with them.

But, likewise, it would be hard to imagine how James could have been regarded with more contempt by many of the people at Fox News. James was rather exhibit No. 1 of the liberal elite entitlement that Fox had so profitably programmed against. "Fox [News] is an important brand, but it needs to develop, and, to some extent, be reformed," James said when I interviewed him ten years ago in his office as the chief executive of the Murdoch-controlled Sky TV in Britain, whose significantly less-partisan news operation he extolled as a ratings and journalistic model.

So yeah. Little Jimmy is going to the throw the wheel hard to the Left. 

James Murdoch is very liberal and we can shortly expect Fox to be steered away from it's rating goldmine of being the only rightwing mainstream media outlet in existence in America.  Foxnews will be the new CNN before the next presidential election.

In truth this is probably to our advantage as Fox was where the geriatric Right got it's information.  They aren't stupid, they will figure out almost instantly what's going on once the new Fox network starts reporting on how troubling it is to be the transgender varsity state girls wrestling champion of New York state.

'member when this was a joke?

And the fact is that Fox is more than a little sympathetic to the #NeverTrumpers. So it's as well that it be hamstrung.

It served a purpose but it is no longer needed. 

And in truth it's fate was inevitable.

Little Jimmy is the inadequate second son of a giant who built an empire.  He is what he was sadly born to be. The product of an education system that served as the surrogate parent for the father who didn't have time for him.  As a result he isn't half the man his father is.  The ratings crash is completely inevitable.  There will be no difference between Foxnews and the alphabet soup of American SJW media companies.  CBS, CNN, MSNBC...Fox.  There will be no difference between any of them. 

Well, enjoy the the milkshake before it melts Little Jimmy.


Shitlord Numéro Uno said...

James Murdoch is a boob. He'd be working in customer service if he'd been born middle class. I think the author of the article shares my opinion. But seriously, he's a bad combination of high self esteem and poor judgement-a lethal combination in business.

LBD said...

Oh, my darling Dark Herald-- It's is always a contraction of it is. Just like can't stands in for can not, don't is a contraction of do not, and that's a contraction of that is. When something belongs to it, the thing is its. Never, never an apostrophe. If your autofill is screwing this up for you, turn it off. I'm (I am) going cross-eyed because I can't go without reading your blog! Much love.

JamesClerk Maxwell said...
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JamesClerk Maxwell said...

SJW convergence is something very damaging to organizations and it’s massively underestimated. Vox Day talks about in his book SJW's Always Double Down. He gives examples of this happening in community churches. I have seen a SJW attempt to take over a community church too but it was unsuccessful, they were fended off. I observed many of the same tactics Vox described. For instance when the SJWs did not get there way they left a scorched earth, they destroyed everything they could. I came to the same kind of conclusions Vox did. I observed once they took over stagnation ensued. Essentially the organization could no longer adapt to any new challenges. I believe Google is like this now.

I have seen this in government which unlike private industry generally does not go bankrupt. I have seen on several occasions SJWs completely collapse a department within government agencies.

Really SJWs are functionally practicing a primordial form of religion, more exactly a crude fundamentalist religion. There are very good reason why the founders of America wanted the separation of church and state. SJWs derail an organizations primary mission and replace it with highly divisive hatred of heretics to their narrative. SJWs will displace competent employees with incompetent true believers who are often paid much more.

SJWs are far more dangerous than Kim Jong Un of North Korea, look at the French wars of religion to see how bad it can get. It’s the things you’re not prepared for that are the most dangerous.