Thursday, April 6, 2017

SJWs Destroy Everything: The Target Edition

Target has finished it's most brutal year in the company's history.  They have had huge losses in revenue for the past twelve months.

Everybody knows the reason of course.  The bathroom policy.

But only a few people knew at the time was that this catastrophic fuckup was the result of the SJW tail wagging the dog against it's will.

Target’s April announcement that transgender people could use the store bathrooms according to their preferred gender identity reportedly came as a surprise to the CEO.

Target Chief Executive Brian Cornell did not know that the company would be announcing the change in bathroom policy, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

The company made the announcement via a blog post April 19, not longer after North Carolina passed a law to prevent transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice. Target said customers and employees could use the bathroom according to the gender they identified with in the blog post.

Cornell wasn’t aware that the company would be making the announcement as he was not part of the email chain notifying people of it, people close to the situation told TheWSJ. Target’s “risk committee” sent out an email telling executives about their intent to announce the bathroom policy publicly, and asking for executives’ permission on the idea.

Cornell wasn’t on the email chain, but Target’s chief risk officer, Jackie Rice, and its chief external-engagement officer, Laysha Ward signed off on the proposal. Cornell didn’t agree with making the policy public, but felt that the company couldn’t retract the statement, sources said. He defended the policy on TV, saying that other companies had similar bathroom policies.

Chief Risk Officer...Chief External Engagement Officer.  No successful company should have employee's with job title's like this.  Of course Target is no longer a successful company.

I can almost but not quite feel sorry for him.  What could he say?  I'm not exactly in charge of my company?  

This is why you have to ban SJWs from any organization.  They contribute nothing but rules, committee meetings and disastrous initiatives that were nowhere in any business plan thirty years ago.    They are parasites and any healthy organization that invites them aboard deserves what happens to it.


Jew613 said...

Target had great success by being a middle class version of Wal-Mart. Appealing to SWPLs and the mildly conservative was a very effective strategy. Because in the America of today staying middle class is an uphill battle and any way to save money and still be able to look down on the proles who shop at Wal-Mart was welcome. But Target forgot that while the middle class might mouth the liberal platitudes of the day about lgbtqwerty, it's quite another to have the mentally ill transgenders shoved in their face.

It's not too late for them to change course and abandon the virtue signaling. The middle class always wants to feel superior to the proles while saving money. Their old strategy can work again.

Kentucky Headhunter said...

Chief Risk Officer doesn't sound too bad, if they can actually do they the job, which they obviously didn't do in this case. "Jackie" is a carhop at Sonic, not a C-suite level exec. Jackie doesn't evaluate risk, she brings you more ketchup and napkins.

Chief External Engagement Officer? Now that is a steaming pile. That's a completely made-up sinecure because you don't have enough "Layshas" at the head office building to make you feel good about how progressive you are.