Monday, April 17, 2017

Really? Ya' Think?

Famed left-wing philosopher Noam Chomsky warned of the consequencesif his fellow lefties engage in this "self-destructive" tactic during the debate over punching Nazis. "When we move to the arena of violence, the most brutal guys win -- and that's not us," Chomsky said.

I'll stop laughing soon...Or at least I will someday...I hope.

In the meantime enjoy this video of hippies being punched in the face.

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Jew613 said...

The Left has been able to engage in political violence for a very long time because, since at least the Clinton years, the Leftists behaved like a woman attacking men then depending on white knights to save her from the consequences. But with the rise of BLM the Leftists went into full support for the murder of police. So the cops might not help out the right, but they also wont run to save the Left. The field is even and the results are awesome.

I will say though for all their evils the Leftists of yore were at least tough. its looking like turning everyone into a special snowflake has backfired pretty badly for the Left.