Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rabid Puppies 2017

I am tacking this up about an hour before the nominees are posted.

I still enjoy tormenting the Torlings but after last year's award going to N.K. Jemisin, something of the old passion seems to be gone for me I'm afraid.  It feels like I am now wrestling with an SJW to get his mulit-cultural-genderfluid-intersectionality participation trophy away from him.  And the truth is I don't really want the grubby thing at this point.

They have done such a thorough job of burning their own fanes and temples there doesn't feel like there is much left for me to despoil.  I feel like like viking raider tramping through the ashes of an abbey that we raided a couple of seasons back.

Honestly the Dragon Awards are what I care about now.

UPDATE:  We seem to have done about as well as could be expected given the new rules.  We did get shut out of Best Novel but it would have been more surprising if we had gotten in.  Equation was good but it was the first book from an unknown author.

Bottomline I'll take it.

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