Friday, April 28, 2017

PUA Stuff: The Lessons of Poverty

As I have said before when I was a young man I lived a very Green and Earth Friendly lifestyle.  I ate sparingly, conserved electricity whenever possible, rode my bike everywhere and availed myself of public transportation when my destination was too far away to get there by biking.

This is called being dirt fucking poor.

I find it hilarious that this was the point in my life when I was getting laid the most.  The myth that rich guys are the ones drowning in pussy comes from the Gameless.  These are the guys that are convinced that if only they had money, they too would be smothered with Lady Love.

Yeah, bullshit.  Elliot Rodger had money, it didn't do anything except make his isolation that much worse.

It was during this period where I was first learning the mysteries of the female mind that I discovered a great truth.  Challenge is everything when dealing with the politics of sex.

Today it's called shit-testing but Cataline hails from a gentler age where the girls were much more feminine. So I prefer to call it Challenge.  But Challenge or Shit-test it's really the same thing.

Women will always test you because they have to.  Every man says he'll kill the Sabertooth to protect his children but will he?  Women need to know the real answer to that one on an instinctive level, a genes deep level.  Consequently they are going to challenge you constantly and they will keep doing so.  I have been married to Lady Cataline for a good many years now and she still Challenges me on a daily basis.

The first lesson in Game that poverty to taught me was how to respond when a girl was trying to get me to spend money on her.  Money, need I remind you, that I did not have.

The first thing that I tried was honesty.  And yes honesty was it's own lonely reward.  "Sorry, hon.  I just don't have the cash."

"That's okay," was distinctly less interested reply of a girl that was suddenly getting ready to Next me.

Another time and another girl.  On that occasion my affronted pride won out over my integrity.  I figured she was about to lose interest in me anyway when she found out how poor I was, so my reply was a distinctly Yul Brynner inspired insouciant, "why should I spend that on you?"  I then proceeded as if nothing more needed to be said and that the matter was closed.  I also figured that the date probably over.

The girl in question shortly started snuggling up to me like playful kitten.

My first lesson in Game.  You can't buy genuine female arousal.  It has to be provoked.

Yeah, she know's she'll enjoy too.

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