Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nerd Prom and Press Dementia

This little whorl of apparently acid induced insanity is from Mark Morford, the SJW who christened Obama the Light Worker.  

It’s only been 100 days, but that’s a lifetime in Trump years. If disillusion is your measure, Trump is a runaway success. If moral heartache is the yardstick, we are miles high, and screaming doom. If this had all been a reality TV-show contest to see how quickly a single human could disembowel the national spirit, poison international goodwill and bring a pox upon all our houses, Trump has indeed proven to be the biggest loser.

Biggest loser? 

 Does that mean he didn't do all those things?  How disappointing!  

Mark also left out the part about Trump drinking wine from the skulls of the virgins he defiled and then murdered.  Surprised he forgot about that.

Right now, there is, across the media spectrum, analysis, commentary, a number of outlets sort of half-heartedly attempting to take the “100 days” benchmark semi-seriously. As in, “Trump promised these 30 things in the first 100 days. How did he do?” and the like, as though he were an actual, functioning politician with actual, functioning ideas designed to improve the well-being of the nation.

Most of the utterly useless chattering class has been telling us that Trump has accomplished nothing! "Nothing, I tell you!" Despite the obvious reality on the ground.

But I don't think that will be good enough for Mark.

He has nothing of the sort. He is just an ogre, the hell-mouth incarnate, a shockingly incompetent, weak-kneed, kindness-abhorring con man incapable of a single complex thought, a charlatan merely using the most powerful office in the land to rape the U.S. Treasury and launder mountains of cash through his own businesses. But wait, our president does “tell more untruths than any president in American history,” says Texas A&M political scientist George Edwards, editor of the scholarly journal Presidential Studies Quarterly. Does that count as an accomplishment?

Mark got this backwards. 

You start with the little stuff and then build up to the impossible charges of being malevolent mythical beings. I wasn't going to take him seriously anyway but when you start off by calling him a world devouring trans dimensional Cthulhoid entity and end with the least of the charges, that Trump is politician who tells lies, you just don't build any kind of momentum. It's rhetorically weak and I expected better from Mark.

Everything feels broken, nothing feels healthy. Only 100 days in, and every major government agency remains brutally understaffed, and will remain so. Democracy is crying out for opioids, and getting more addicted by the day.

I don't think Democracy is the only one crying out for opiods given the roller coaster nature of this piece.  

They are understaffed because they are being reduced in size for a change. A horror beyond all reason and sanity if you're a Leftie

Obama is gone


 and with him, every iota of respect the United States once enjoyed on the national stage. 

Now he's just getting sloppy. Mark clearly and obviously meant international stage

No one trusts us, no one can truly rely on us for help, no one, save the world’s most brutish dictators and murderers, admires our president.

Yeah, Assad and Putin both sleep with a picture of Trump on their nightstands.

It gets pretty incoherent beyond this point.  I'll leave off , as I would be making fun of the mentally ill.  

Trumps more deranged opponents seem to speak with one voice but they actually have differing motivations.  The Antifa crowd are third string students and academics trying to give their lives actual meaning.  Now that they are facing actual RESISTANCE we'll see how long they last.

Hollywood Lefties are unstable drama queens with too much money and too much segregation from from the real world.  

As for the press.  Well, this is the one group that Trump actually has injured.  And he injured them where it would hurt most.  Right in the status.

Looking at the attendees of the White House Correspondence Dinner.  The Media's unhinged hatred for the president becomes obvious.

President Trump as cost them status.

Under Obama the press came to think of themselves as rockstars.  At Nerd Proms under President Light Worker, the red carpet hosted people like Will Smith, Kerry Washington and Emma Watson.

This year, after getting turfed out of the White House.  Nerd Prom ended up hiring a D-list semi-Muslim comic.

Salesmanship 101 almost all human action is centered around increasing one's sense of personal status.

And President Trump has seriously damaged theirs as a class.  Of course they will never forgive him for it.

...Unless of course he decides that having diminished the press.  He will now build them up again.  Only now the gift will come from his hand and they will know it.

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