Thursday, April 6, 2017

McConnel Goes Nuclear

The Supreme Court Filibuster is now in the history books.

I can't believe they decided to be this dumb but I'll take it.  The hilarious part is that the Left is utterly delighted.  The Democrats in the Senate did what they ordered them to do.

And it was McConnell’s edict last year that Obama would not be allowed to fill the current Court vacancy, created by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, that provides the backdrop for our current crisis. Having stolen an appointment that rightly belonged to Obama, Republicans now bemoan that Democrats won’t sanctify that theft by handing the goods to President Donald Trump and Neil Gorsuch.

McConnell is within his rights to “go nuclear,” just as Reid was. But having witnessed multiple GOP efforts to deny Democrats equal power to shape the two most powerful courts in the country, they would be foolish to remain unilaterally disarmed by helping confirm Gorsuch. Once McConnell abolishes the filibuster, the new power-uber-alles standard will be cemented, and the playing field will be leveled once again.

The one thing I'm not reading in the lib rags is the impressively obvious tea leaves...Trump is almost certainly going to be appointing two more justices.  

So what comes after that? 

Simple.  The delegitimization of the Supreme Court.  The Left will do that as reflexively as beaver builds a dam.  Anything they don't like is always illegimate.

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