Friday, April 14, 2017

Live (For Values of Live) Blogging The New Mystery Science 3000

Netflix has decided to revive one of my favorites.  Mystery Science Theater 3000

I am both curious and terrified of what they are going to do with it.

Show begins:  The "Turn down lights where applicable" sign  showed up.  This is a good start.

I am now seeing the new Joel/Mike and he appears to be a drum beating pothead.  So I'm assuming he leans more towards the Joel side of things.

I am now seeing the miniature sets and this is kind of weird.  They clearly spent money but they want it too look as cheap as the original.

Fuck.  Fat Wesley is in this.

As well as Erin Grey.  Colonel Deering I can tolerate but having Scalzi's bestie give the first line of this reboot is a bad start so far as I'm concerned.

New Joel is introduced, his name is Jonah Heston.  (*shrug*) We shall find out what this means soon enough.  His backstory is being heavy-handedly fed to us in a manner that is meant to be far it isn't but I am looking at Fat Wesley and that kills my enjoyment of most anything.  Proceeding onward.  Apparently Jonah is quite the rebel and adventurer.  Which does put him in stark contrast with both Joel and Mike.

Okay I recognize New Joel  Jonah (Rey), he's a friend of Chris Hardwick's.  He used to appear on the Nerdist back when that was a thing.  I don't remember him being...Oh my crap, the New Forrester is Felcia Day.

And the new TV's Frank is Patton Oswalt. He is TV's Son Of TV's Frank.  I have found him extremely funny in the past but ever since his wife died he has buried himself in being an SJW.

So Jonah has now been captured and we have heard the theme song.  The evil scientist base is now called Moon 13.  Lots of extras. And I think I recognized Mary Jo Pehl but I'm not certain.

Whoa the invention exchange is back after a twenty year absence. Joel Robinson's hand is now being felt.

Basically this show is a gigantic shitload of Fan-boi service.

Wait a minute they have a film with Doug McClure and Peter Cushing later in the season?  I'm watching that one instead!  GEARSHIFT!!!

Now I'm having an argument with Lady Cataline.  She is sounding very patient with me, which means she is about to forgive me for something she's just done.

This live blogging sucks.

Okay, new voices for Crow and Servo but I was sort of expecting that.  Apparently Kinga Forrester is now marrying Jonah...I may have skipped ahead too far.  At the Earth's Core can wait.  Back tracking. Hey, there's another Doug McClure movie here! The Land That Time Forgot.  Okay, whoever picked these movies had a thing for Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Whoops, that was not Mary Jo Pehl.  Apparently Pearl Forrester cloned herself and gave the clone (Synthia) to her granddaughter in place of an actual family.  But Pearl (Pehl) does show up in this a couple of times with both Brain-Guy (Corbett) and Bobo (Murphy) in tow.  So they haven't moonwalked the non-Joel years away.

Now the NRA wants me to send them even more money.  Sorry guys, Trump is the president, Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court and I live in a Red State (at last).

Live Blogging still sucks.

I lost my place I'm starting another movie.  Starcrash starring Caroline Munroe, Christoper Plummer and Caroline Munroe's Space Bikini...and Oh shit! David Hasselhoff!!  Okay, I'm sticking with this one!

They actually did spend money on a few guest stars.  Neil Patrick, Mark Hamill and...Joel McHale (ah, well).  One name they have not spent money on is Michael J Nelson.  He is  NOT here at all.

I suppose the important thing is how funny are the riffs.  Eh, they are alright.  It's not as collegiate as it was in the original...Then again given how pitifully low academic standards have dropped, maybe they are.

Now a friend just texted me to say that a nearby bar has Founder's KBS in stock while supplies last.

Every week, has a weeke-e-e-n-n-d!
By this time Friday ni-i-i--ght!
I'll be done with third ca-a-a-an of...

Wait! I am still still love blogging?

Decide for yourself if you want watch this or not.

Sorry, I'm done here.


jaericho said...

I'll have to try it, but it sounds like I'm better off sticking with Rifftrax.

Kentucky Headhunter said...

7 episodes in and not impressed. Reeks of Star Wars prequel-itis. Has some of the trappings but none of the heart. Joel seems to be playing the role of George Lucas in this endeavor.

Too many riffs, 90% of which are not funny, with only 3 or 4 chuckles per episode. "Nobody mess with my invisible ice cream cone.." Too be fair, Cry Wilderness and Avalanche were really, really bad movies without any the the "so bad they're good" qualities that something like Reptilicus offers.

Day and Oswald bring nothing new or fresh, though her musical number with NPH wasn't bad. Jonah doesn't have Joel's cool, or Mike's everyman's relatability. Those commercial breaks are annoying and seem to derail any flow the movie might trying to be develop.

What is the point of the skeleton crew again? What's with the lighting for the host segments? Seems very amateurish.

Other "trying too hard comments" really ring true with me. I'll finish the season, to see if it they can figure it out, but more from curiosity than because I'm enjoying them at this point.

Cataline Sergius said...


Probably the better bet. Although I admit I liked the selection of B movies.

This was more 1980's Monster Chiller Horror Theater fair than the orginal MST3K.

Wanda Sherratt said...

Ah, Monster Chiller Horror Theater! Tell me when they riff 'Tip O'Neill's 3-D House of Representatives'.