Sunday, April 16, 2017

How to Properly Deal with ANTIFA

ANTIFA decided to show up at a pro-Trump Rally in Berkley. 

Hey, look who else showed up.

Now I have to say is I admire the expertise of the martial artist in the picture.  Splitting the Rising Moon is a very difficult technique to master.  Takes years of practice to get right.

More seriously, humiliating this little shit stain is more important than you may think.  A black eye is a badge of honor even in SJW circles.  It is impossible to look cool getting a wedgie.


Matthew said...

This is the credited tactic.

Jew613 said...

This may be the best thing to ever happen to that little commie. Nothing like public humiliation to make a man rethink his life choices.

Mark Magagna said...

One other thing - remove the mask and get mug shots.

Akulkis said...

De-pantsing him would have been better.

Having to walk back to his side wearing only his shirt would be the ultimate humiliation.