Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cutting Off Their Noses to Spite Our Faces


There is absolutely no possible gain for the them and they are going to do it.

Former Sen. Kelly Ayotte  (R-N.H.) says Democrats are set to force Republicans into exercising the “nuclear option” on Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation vote.

“Unfortunately, the Democrats are just obstructing [Gorsuch’s] ability to have this up-or-down vote,” Ayotte, who was tasked by the Trump administration with guiding Gorsuch's confirmation process, said Monday on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto Coast to Coast.”

“The Republicans have made clear that he’s going to be confirmed one way or the other,” she added.

The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier Monday advanced Gorsuch’s nomination 11-9 along party lines, setting up a bitter floor fight that will likely result in Republicans triggering the nuclear option.

Senate Democrats clinched enough support Monday for blocking Gorsuch’s confirmation.

GOP senators are now seemingly resigned to lowering the vote threshold for confirming Supreme Court nominees and circumventing the filibuster against Gorsuch.

They’re being left with no choice but to change the rules. I know that’s not what they had hoped had happened, but I don’t see at this point what choice they’re left,” Ayotte said.

There is clearly no devious plan in play for the Democrats they are just simply determined to stuff the letter L into dumbseven

I suppose I shouldn't care over much.  I mean why interrupt your enemy in the middle of his making a mistake? 

Well unless McCain and the Gang back stab the rest of the GOP before the end of the week the Supreme Court Filibuster goes into the history books.  President Trump will have a free hand to appoint Kennedy's replacement and almost certainly Ruth Bader Ginsberg's. 

The Democrats have, in a fit a pique signed up for an eventual 6-3 Right wing Supreme Court majority.

True they will be in position to put in anybody at all they like the next time they have both the Senate and the Presidency but against a 6-3 majority they are unlikely to be able to shift the court for a generation.  The Baby Boomers will be dead before they can effect any such change.  The Millennials are a large population but they will be out numbered between Gen X and Gen Z by then with no Baby Boomers around to back their play.

Roe V. Wade will now be looking at overturn within ten years of Kennedy leaving the bench.

None of this bothers me in theory but I am disturbed by the irrationality of it all.

I like my enemies to have a certain level of predictably and I failed to predict this.

The reason I failed to predict this was simple enough, it is very hard to guess what crazy people are going to do. 


Jew613 said...

I find this surprising. Schumer really is much smarter then this. A big part of his early career was taking on the 70's era proto-sjws and bringing them to heel. The Democrats were a lot less crazy back then. I believe the biggest issue is Obama is still running the democratic party and Obama is used to getting his way regardless of facts or logic with a pen stroke. Or before that getting his way because he was black. It seems Obama isn't happy with devastating his own party he wants it utterly destroyed.

Unknown said...

``There is clearly no devious plan in play for the Democrats...''

You and I don't see the deviant plan. That doesn't mean it isn't there. We don't hear the voices echoing in the Dems' heads either, of course