Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Berkeley Riot Round Up

It's been three days since Saturday of Easter weekend.  Which is probably the reason why it's taken the dinosaur media this long to go through it's plodding process of forming an opinion.  Turns out it's "Alt Right, Bad.  Violent hippies, Good."  I can see your shocked face through the internet.

I'll get the cuck media out of the way first.  Here's a steaming pile of opinion from the National Review.     

"Saturday, we saw more clashes in what now threatens to become an increasingly vicious, violent war for control of America’s streets. Leftist “antifa” or “black bloc” rioters met pro-Trump “Oath Keepers,” bikers, and alt-right goons in a barely contained battle royale, with assaults and beatings streamed live and posted to YouTube. Police struggled to control the violence and often appeared completely absent as brawls broke out across entire city blocks. By the end of the fighting, Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer said, “Militias, alt-right, nazis etc. won today in Berkeley. They outnumbered the opposition, pushed it back, and held downtown.”

It's revelaing that the National Review's description of our guys isn't significantly different from Mother (Fucking) Jones'.  The limp wristed uselessness of the Cucks really comes shining through here.  The article ends with a desperate plea for university authorities to step in and take a firm stand against these hippies. No, honestly, it does.  Amazing isn't it?

Bill Krystal tweeted that Berkeley was looking like the Wiemar Republic.  

I'm not sure what that means.  Let me turn on my universal Cuck Translator.   

Huh, it said, "Alt Right = Nazi."   Shocking, I know.

The Berkeley Riot has shown just how completely cucked  the Conservative movement has become.  They reflexively adopted the Media Narrative, just like they've been doing since Bill Buckley's day. To hear the Conservative's tell it.  Anyone who steps up and is willing to actually fight for and take damage in defending Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly is a Nazi.  Apparently if you want these basic American rights defended, you are permitted only to bleat like frightened sheep for the Proper Authorities to Do Something!  And hope that any Amenable sheep dog that takes an interest, won't bite you too badly for having spoken up.

Whether it's effete squeamishness or veiled cowardice, I simply don't care anymore.  They can not lead.  They do not follow. And they won't get out of the way.  The Conservatives are simply a useless obstruction at this point.

Okay on to the mainstream press.

CBSNews instinctively beclowned itself trying to follow Alinsky's Rules.  They decided to personalize the riot by making it all about a reasonably attractive (if you aren't looking too closely) girl, getting soaked after grabbing a guy by the throat.  I have the video in my last post and you can see it yourself at the 30 second mark.  A couple of seconds later she is up on her feet, perfectly alright but with a frightened expression on face.  Apparently getting "a hundred scalps" was more complicated than just demanding that they be handed over to her in the name of Feminism.  CBSNews continues to cherish it's ignorance of internet. And stalwartly refuses to believe that anyone can tell when they are lying with just a mouse click.

Also, it turns out that this particular Social Justice Vestal has a side business as a D list pornstar for guys who like chicks that don't shave...anywhere...ever.    She has launched a GoFundMe to pay for her medical bills to the tune of 80,000 dollars.  She claims she needs this to pay for her concussion.  Honestly, she wouldn't need this kind of money to pay for advanced brain surgery...although she would need that much, if she wanted to payoff her student loans from Berkeley.

My own take.  

No, Saturday was not about SA versus the Roter Frontk√§mpferbund. It was about a militia of American citizens forming to protect their rights when the local government proved powerless (or completely unwilling) to do so. 

We've been doing that for a long time.

The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  -- Thomas Jefferson.


Quilp said...

"Whether it's effete squeamishness or veiled cowardice, I simply don't care anymore. They can not lead. They do not follow. And they won't get out of the way. The Conservatives are simply a useless obstruction at this point."

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