Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Hold Does Obama Still Have Over Them?

There appears to be a plethora of people in the Washington who still have government paychecks and are willing to sacrifice them for the sake of Barrack Obama.

The question is why?  Why take such a risk and the answer is; dependence.

In truth that is what all leadership pretty much comes down to in the end.

New Guinea tribesmen depend on their headman to organize banquets, negotiate with other tribes in their region.  Use his oratory skills to gain them status.  Yes, he can be vicious to the "rubbish-men" on the lowest social order order of his tribe but those men still depend on him.

Egyptians depended on pharaohs to intervene on their behalf with the gods.

Enlisted men depend on officers to keep them organized in battle.

I can go on at length but dependence is the foundation of all leadership in the human species.  

Any leader you stop being dependent on is pretty much immediately a failed leader.

And Obama's supporters are dependent upon him still.  Not because he actually does anything you understand.  The man is too drastically lazy to do anything like that.  But they depend on him just being him to keep their bubble inflated.

When Reagan and Clinton left office after eight years both men were still popular with their base but the attitude was generally one of, "hey it's been nice and all but it's time to move on." Their belief structures could survive without them.  They were not dependent upon a single man.

The Left can't do that this time.  They depend on Obama to keep their illusion going. They can't admit that he was an ephemeral failure whose works can easily vanish before a determined advisory.   If they are forced to admit, that they were wrong about Obama, their entire world comes crashing down because it consists of nothing but lies at this point.

They are dependent upon the myth of Obama, to keep their lies going.  That is why they need him still.

They depend upon him to maintain their identity.

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