Sunday, March 12, 2017

Two Civilizations

We no longer have a civilization.

We have two rival civilizations.

One is at the insane aristocracy stage of degeneration.

The other is at the barbarian stage of redevelpment.

These are I feel, fairly obvious observations.  After all if you ask an aristocrat how many genders there are and they give you any answer other than two, it's reasonable to assume their grasp of reality is at best tangential. Not only will their aristocrats claim there are as many as fifty-eight, they will violently defend that belief.

Insane aristocrats live in a bubble of unreality and are in a daily fight to ensure that bubble's safety.  Any threat to their delusions are a threat to their world.  This was why on election night you saw so many of them saying the same thing, "this feels like the end of the world."

Aristocrats live in lavish luxury and their serfs live in a poverty that there is no escape from.  Or at least not without leaving their world.  And  that is a scary prospect as there is a minimum of security provided to these vote-serfs.  We live in a truly unique period in world history where our poor's biggest problem isn't starvation but rather hyper-obesity.  If I didn't know they were incapable of this level of planning I'd say it was brilliant.  Nobody who weighs three hundred pounds is going to be storming the Bastille.

They have now enclaved themselves with their vote-serfs and their poorer wanna-be members in vertical concentration camps.  While they publicly claim to be evolved and woke and the future.  They all in their deepest hearts know that the real future is closing in front of them like a god's fist.

This is why I'm tired of the Cucks who keep insisting that we can beat them with facts because the facts are on our side. Facts don't matter to crazy people you idiots. There have been plenty of corrupt and degenerate aristocracies through out history. After all humans are built for desire, not satiety. Give a man everything he wants and he falls apart almost every time. But our aristocracy is unique in that it actively promotes mental illness. In fact even venerates diseases of the mind. They brag to each other about which new serotonin reuptake inhibitor they have just been put on. They indulge themselves in every form of self abuse imaginable and then wonder why they are miserable all the time. C.S. Lewis called it, the gates of Hell are locked from the inside.

On the other hand there is a lot to be said for being a barbarian.  We've shaken off the rightwing members of their aristocracy (which is what I suspect really scared them).  All it took was recognizing one of our own during the last election.  We are in the process of giving the bureaucrats who have ruled every aspect of our lives the big shove.  We are rediscovering who we are as a people and despite what we have been told since 1930 who we are as a people is pretty fucking awesome.

Being a barbarian means taking a lifestyle hit.  Less money for a new car but far greater wealth from having more children.  Barbarians are the ones who can grow their own food.  Protect our own families.  Fight for our own barbaric values.

Our values are sane and comprehensible.

And  barbarians are much better equipped to survive when, inevitably, the trappings of civilization finally stop working.


Jew613 said...

Your right the Democrats have gone completely insane. The biggest problem I see is that the Republican establishment loves the idea of feudalism and serfdom. They openly and utterly despise anyone who isn't a member of the elite. Paul Ryan is probably the ultimate example of this utter hatred of his own base. It doesn't give many options for the masses to support. At least until Trump came along.

Kentucky Headhunter said...

Facts don't matter to crazy people you idiots. - Truer words ...

While the idea of a reset (in this case, victory over the deep state/globalist cabal) really worries me as I have young children, I just don't think we'll be able to avoid it. Saw an article saying that no real reset (focused on wealth inequality) came about without some sort of catastrophe being the catalyst, and frankly I agree.

Since my wife is a "crazy person" (she wasn't always, I swear) this makes it hard for me to make significant changes such as moving further out and buying the small farm/ house with enough land as I'd like to do.

Hazim said...

They're ALL crazy, headunter! They live among us, but a good one becomes tamer with patience. Keep your strength and wisdom at the bow of your ship.