Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tomorrowland: A very Quick and very Late Review

I saw it this weekend for the first time and it was both good and disappointing.  Created by Brad Bird of The Incredibles and Iron Giant fame, I was in theory favorably disposed to it but damned if I was going to go see something with George Clooney in it.

I'm glad I saved my money.

First the good.  This picture got something right that I have never seen anyone else ever get close to. This was the first movie I have ever seen that got the vibe of the Heinlein Juveniles just right.   I'm not kidding, Bird managed it.  The Precocious girl.  The older man.  The sudden danger coming out of nowhere to pursue them.  The elements and more importantly the vibe was there.  The comic book store owner who's name was Hugo Gernsback was a great touch as well as the fifties toy science fiction guns that could actually blow holes in walls.

Hugo is the one on the right
The one on the left is his wife.
Yes, this movie was made in the last eighteen months.

Now the bad.  The mysterious MacGuffin turned out to be fucking terrible.





 When George Clooney was a kid working in Tomorrowland...

Okay quick explanation of Tomorrowland now provided by Hugo the Expositionbot.

 ...he invented a machine that could predict the future.  The problem was that his machine told them when the world was going to end which was within a month or so of the film's release.  Tomorrowland fell apart and Clooney was exiled.

The ridiculous part is that this 100% certainty of catastrophic is easily averted just by being optimistic about the future...and blowing up the machine.

The epilogue is that George and the spunky girl protagonist are getting Tomorrowland up and running again...by making it SJW friendly.

If you want to watch it just for the mechanics that's fine but turn it off after the Eiffel Tower scene because it sucks after that. Sadly, I can't recommend it.


Kentucky Headhunter said...

No one beats George Clooney at the "role written for George Clooney" game.

Super geniuses still haven't cured cancer, or they have but won't share that with us?

They have rocket packs! Oh wait, we've had rocket packs for 50 years.

Only girls are actually brilliant or noble, even if the girl is a robot.

Cataline Sergius said...

According to rumor, Bird had initially approached Tom Cruise about the part. When Cruise said, "no." The SJWs at Disney started backing Clooney on the grounds of, "well Brad you wanted a big Hollywood star for this movie and George Clooney is just the biggest that there is." Clooney was signed and the part was rewritten to play to his limited strengths.

The amazing thing about Clooney is just how snowed he keeps Hollywood. They are all convinced he's a huge star but his box-office numbers just don't back that up.

The Oceans 11 movies made major bank but those were ensemble casts and Brad Pitt who unquestionably is a big star was also in them.

The only thing that he was the male lead in that really blew the doors off was Gravity. A movie where George Clooney heroically dies to save a middle aged woman. I wonder who went to see that one but didn't go see Tomorrowland?

Kentucky Headhunter said...

I not feeling the Heinlein juveniles angle. When I think of Farmer in the Sky, or Tunnel in the Sky, or Citizen of the Galaxy, this movie doesn't seem to line up with them, though Citizen might have some parallels. Which stories are you thinking of?

Cataline Sergius said...

It doesn't matter.

If you don't get the vibe then you don't get the vibe.

In truth it may have only been my memories of them.

On the other hand. The old man's creepy obsession with the 12 year old girl robot was indeed quite in keeping with the themes of Heinlein's later and less fortunate works.

Kentucky Headhunter said...

The Door Into Summer is not one of my favorites.