Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Netherlands Election Result...Unpromising

The numbers aren't totaled yet but Geert Wilders does not appear to carried the day.

His party has gained seats and he's still a force in Netherlands politics but the Dutch at the last minute behaved like the Dutch.  The nothing ventured...nothing lost.

Wilders was ultimately a little too daring a choice for them.

At least for now.

VVD (incumbent)31 seats

Labour 9 seats

PVV (Wilders) 19 seats

Socialists -14 seats

Christian Democrats 19 seats

D66 19 seats

And sixteen others seats going to minor fringe parties.

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Unknown said...

I'm counting 101 seats? VVD has a small plurality at ~31%, Wilders, D66 and the Christian Democrats each have ~19%, and the other half is scattered.

VVD will have to make a coalition, and they will have to take in at least one of the ~19% groups to make it work, I suspect. Wilders' group is getting big enough they will be hard to work around.

I'd say it's a slow but promising start.